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Copyright (C) 2013 by Song Zhiwei <songzw@gmail.com>

The package memory.sty provides an easy way to declare object or array
containers. If you are considering to use an auxiliary file, you really
need this package rather than the heavy I/O manipulation.


  1. Declares a data variable in local scope or global scope.

     \newdata{<local variable name>}
     \newdata*{<global variable name>}
       e.g. \newdata{Person} % Note: no backslash for variable declaration
            \newdata*{Time}  % Note: \Time is declared in global scope

  2. Uses = or := to set value. The := version sets expanded value to variable.

   1) Sets value as a single variable 

     \Person = {Song Zhiwei} % Note: add backslash for declared variable
     \Time := \today         % Note: set the expanded result of \today to \Time

   2) Sets value as an array.

     \Person[1] = {28.3}

   3) Sets value as a multiple dimensional array.

     \Time[2,5,\thesection] = \today % Note: the value will be saved globally
                                     %       for the global variable

   4) Sets value as an object.

     \Person[description] = {A Chinese gentleman.}
     \Person[hair] = {black}

  3. Gets values.

     \Person                    % Song Zhiwei
     \Time                      % May 13, 2013
     \Person[1]                 % 28.3
     \Time[2,5,\thesection]     % May 13, 2013
     \Person[description]       % A Chinese gentleman.
     \Person[hair]              % black

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (31.8k).

memory – Containers for data in

The package allows the user to declare single object or array containers.

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Copyright2013 Song Zhiwei
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