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Directory macros/latex/contrib/memoir

    Memoir is a flexible class for typesetting poetry, fiction, 
non-fiction and mathematical works as books, reports, articles or
manuscripts. Documents can use 9pt, 10pt, 11pt, 12pt, 14pt, or 17pt as the
normal fontsize and, if you have scalable fonts, 20pt, 25pt, 30pt, 36pt,
48pt, or 60pt sizes, or even larger. Many methods are provided to let 
you create your particular design. The class incorporates over 30 of the 
more popular packages.



Lars Madsen <daleif@math.au.dk> is maintaining memoir.

WORD OF ADVISE: It is not recommended to manually update memoir into
an old LaTeX installation. Not all changes are compatible with older
un-updated LaTeX systems and we often make no attempt to be backwards
compatible. Instead we assume that users use updated memoir with an
updated LaTeX installation.

Changes (2024/01/26)

o memoir v3.8.2

-- In v3.8 I forgot to add some internal testing code related to
   \@startsection. The code experiment has now been added, but is not
   enabled by default.

-- Axel Sommerfeldt suggested a useful macro abstraction for
   sidecaption and sidecontcaption that simplifies his adjustments
   whenever the caption package is loaded. 

-- Fixed a small (but important) typo in my maintainers note (Peter started
   memoir in 2001, not 2021)

-- The Nov-2023 kernel update gave issued with our version of \verb.
   Now fixed by un-embedding the verbatim package. Issue first
   reported by Andrew Swann.

-- Fixed a typo in \m@make@footnotetext where ##1 got interpreted as a
   macro name, not contents. Reported by Richard Zach.

-- Replaced the embedded copy of the shortvrb package by loading the
   package instead.

-- Replaced the embedded and modified copy of the verbatim package by
   just loading the package.

   Have chosen to *not* patch in the modification back in. Primarily
   because they are (1) disabled by default, (2) unknown how many
   users actually use them, (3) the implementation had errors.

   \setverbatimfont and the system to make comment-like envs of course

   The features removed are

   - marking tabs using several spaces
   - wrapping webatim text at white space

   Macros disabled

   - \tabson  (\tabsoff redef to do nothing)
   - \wrappingon (\wrappingoff redef to do nothing)

   No longer used

   - \verbatimbreakchar
   - \verbatimindent

   Removing the embedded verbatim copy also fixes the issue with
   \verb+a b+ behaving like \verb*+a b+.

   Many of the other verbatim-like creations have had tabs support

-- In verbatim 1.5x the macro \verbatiminput* has been altered
   slightly such that it also marks tabs as spaces (just like \verb*
   now also does via a kernel update). If 1.5x has not been released
   yet, we automatically apply that patch.

-- Updated \readverbatim* with the same patch as \verbatiminput* so it
   also marks tabs as spaces.

o memhfixc v1.22

-- The change Axel S. suggested in memoir removes the need for
   memhfixc to redefine \endsidecaption and \endsidecaption, thus
   those redefinitions have been removed.

Changes (2023/08/21)

o memoir v3.8.1

-- The new additions to \@xfloat via AddToHook is too fragile (the
   float package changes \@xfloat in an incompatible way). We've moved
   the additions to the \@floatboxreset.

Changes (2023/08/14)

o memoir v3.8a

-- forgot to enable the announced stop if the LaTeX format is to old.
-- updated the bibliography to more recent years.

Changes (2023/08/08)

o memoir v3.8

-- now requires a LaTeX format from 2021/06/01 or newer.

   The class will halt compilation (in all interaction modes) if the
   format is too old.

-- \titleref is now an alias for \nameref (autoloaded).
   The class have been adjusted to provide info for sectionals and
   normal captions.

   The titleref package will remain marked as being emulated
   as it shouldn't be used with the class (and haven't been updated in
   20+ years).

-- nameref paches in the class are no longer needed

-- label handling for subcaptions and friends have been reimplemented.

-- no longer re-defines \label as per request of the LaTeX Team.

-- booktabs is now loaded as a required package instead of being

-- Fixed typo in the caption of figure 2.13. Thanks to Vladimir
   G. Ivanović for the report.

-- removed etex loading (was only loaded for kernels from before
   2015). The noetex class option removed as well.

-- reimplemented \pagenumbering(*) as a single macro

-- additions to \@xfloat is now done via a cmd/after hook if the
   format version supports it.

-- Definition of \theHpoem changed to \providecommand

-- The \theH<counter> macros defined in memoir was modified to use
   \the\value{counter} instead of just \arabic{counter} as some
   packages change \arabic.

-- \toclevel@part was actually never fixed in v3.7.19, now it is

-- added \@currentcounter in various places that manually
   set \@currentlabel (primarily footnote constructions). Reported by
   Gustavo Barros.

-- replaced hardcoded \footnotesize in \verbfootnote by \foottextfont 

-- made a small change to footnote formatting. Now one can use
   \raggedright in \footnotetext to get raggedright footnotes. Use
   with care as \raggedright does change various paragraph settings

-- replaced etoolbox loading by xpatch (which loads etoolbox) as it
   can patch more.

-- Added a Hook named memoir/subcaption/aftercounter which is executed
   after \refstepcounter in \subcaption, \subbottom, \subtop
   etc. Requested by Gustavo Barros.

-- Redefinition of \@setsize removed, was copied from setspace.sty
   which states that it was only needed for some 209 packages.

The following macros have been disabled (to either give a warning or
an error).

-- \namerefon and \namerefoff => warning (now always on)

-- \currenttitle => error (given that many things are now "titled",
   relying on this to get the current "title" is too risky, use proper
   \label+\titleref instead)

-- \theTitleReference => warning (was used in the old implementation
   of \titleref and \currenttitle)   

o memhfixc v1.21

-- All nameref patches have been removed
-- provided \subfigureautorefname

Changes (2022/11/17)

o memoir v3.7.19

-- changed version numbering to v3.7.<num> (no plans to switch to 3.8
   anytime soon)
-- changed several \theH... definitions to \def to work better with
   coming hyperref/tagging changes
-- similar for \toclevel@... macros
-- only declare \stockwidth and \stockheight if the kernel hadn't done
   so already

o memhfixc v1.20

-- removed patch for \@starttoc and thus \Hy@AtBeginDocument is no
   longer used in memhfixc

Changes (2022/07/29)

o memoir v3.7r

-- fixed typo in menual (table 7.2), \tocmark and similar does not
   take arguments, they have a static definition. Reported in private
   email by Ronno Das.
-- fixed sporious space in \m@m@addamp, see
   https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/647910/3929 for details.
-- made the font sizing macros robust (\normalsize, \small, ...)
   like with the standard classes (reported via private email)
-- Addressed an issue where the combination of \DoubleSpacing and
   \paragraphfootnotes lead to an arithmetic overflow.

     Same fix has been applied to \paragraphfootstyle{...} where
   additionally a hardcoded 64 has been replaced by \footfudgefiddle.
-- NB: Next memoir version will be labelled v3.7.19 (not v3.7s)

Changed (2022/02/20)

o memoir v3.7q

-- Added memhfixc autoloading to memoir (via
   \AtEndPackage{hyperref}...), then the equivalent code can be
   removed from hyperref
-- now auto loads the etoolbox package in order to enable a future
   patching approach instead of overwriting kernel macros
   (nb: re-coding has not started yet) 
-- changed definition of \medspace into \providecommand for better
   testing with older kernels
-- added some code to a hook provided by footmisc fixing a bug with
   the combination of memoir+footmisc+reledmac, especially the 2022
   update of footmisc
-- fixed typo in manual regarding \setupmaintoc, see
   https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/602963/3929 for details.
-- The LaTeX team changed the order of the file/package hook names
   into a more precise scheme. \AtBegin/EndFile, \AtBegin/EndPackage,
   \AtBegin/EndClass changed accordingly

Changed (2021/06/16)

o memoir v3.7p

-- moved various \theHxxx definitions from memhfixc directly into
   memoir. They are only relevant when hyperref is loaded, but do no
   harm otherwise.

o memhfixc v1.19

-- moved several hyperref related additions from memhfixc to memoir

Changed (2021/03/23)

o memoir v3.7o

-- \footref will be added to the kernel, so we now "provide" it instead
-- as of late 2020 the caption package will now adjust it self to the
   class. It will even map several of the caption styling macros the
   class provides onto the the corresponding setup in the caption
   package. Special thanks to Axel Sommerfeldt for this
   feature. Therefore we no longer reset in preparation for caption.
-- The mparhack package is no longer marked as emulated as we did not
   emulate the fix for the bug regarding \if@firstcolumn. If a document
   specifies as twocolumn, we automatically load mparhack
-- some internal cleanup and added some recommended alternatives

Changed (2020/10/04)

o memoir v3.7n

-- The new implementations for the \AtEndPackage and friends only
   require single #s not # doubling as in the old implementation. That
   is not backwards compatible. # doubling now forced in the new
   implementation as well.

Changed (2020/09/10)

o memoir v3.7m

In preparation for the LaTeX format/kernel update (2020/10/01) several class
file hook features will change to use these new kernel features, see the manuals
for lthooks, ltfilehook, ltshipout for details on these new hooks.

Thus from the 2020/10/01 LaTeX forward onwards we have the changes
below. Until 2020/10/01 the new format can be tested via
e.g. pdflatex-dev

As of writing, you can test the new format via e.g. pdflatex-dev if you have an
up to date LaTeX installation.

Details about the changes:

-- trimmarks are now added via the shipout/background hook, the added hook is
   labeled "memoir/trimmarks"

   See the ltshipout manual for more details.
-- \AtBeginFile{filename}{code} and \AtEndFile{filename}{code} are now
   implemented via the file/before/filename and file/after/filename hooks.

   **Breaking change:** In the old implementation of
   \AtBegin/EndFile{file}: if file is a `.tex` file, then one could use
   \AtEndFile{test}{code} to add code at the end of inputting
   `test.tex`. Now you will have to use \AtEndFile{test.tex}{code}.

   See the manual for ltfilehook for more details.

-- \AtBeginPackage{name}{code}, \AtEndPackage{name}{code} and
   \RequireAtEndPackage{name}{code} are now implemented via the
   package/before/name and package/after/name hooks.
-- \AtBeginClass{name}{code}, \AtEndClass{name}{code} and
   \RequireAtEndClass{name}{code} are implemented via class/before/name and
-- the redefinition of \trimmarks inside the definition of \quarkmarks have been

-- Whenever the caption package is loaded, memoir will reset it self
   so the caption package can take over. We issue some information to
   the user at this point. In this update we have changed this
   information from a class warning to a class info as the warning
   confused a ot of users.

Changed (2020/06/02)

o memoir v3.7l

-- Minute change in preparation for october kernel update (several
   amsmath spacing functions will be moved to the kernel, we made
   versions of these also usable in the text, so will the kernel).

Changed (2020/03/25)

o memoir v3.7k

-- Changed how glossaries are written to the glo file. Should now
   support UTF8 just fine. This fixes

-- typo in manual: for \subbottom the \label goes into the subtitle
   part, aka \subbottom[...\label{...}]{...}. Text in example fixed

-- added a check for showkeys final-mode, and do nothing in that
   case. This fixes https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/526922/3929

-- brought the class into sync with booktabs dated 2020/01/12

-- the provided .ins files will now just overwrite instead of asking
   for permission.

-- various typos

Changed (2019/11/21)

o memoir v3.7j

-- Typo when textcase.sty is not found. The embedded fallback
   (textcase v0.07, 2004) nedded # doubling, now fixed.

Changed (2019/11/15)

o memoir v3.7i

-- indexes now uses protection when being moved from the aux to the
   idx file(s)

-- changed loading ifpdf, ifetex, ifxetex and ifluatex to just loading
   the new iftex package. Suggested by The LaTeX Support Team.

-- new feature for \createmark: the <show> variable now accepts:
   nonumber, shownumber and notitle (implies shownumber). The latter
   enables chapter headers to be just of the form "Chapter <number>"

-- By request, added a7paper and b7paper options (plus \stockavii,
   \stockbvii, \pageavii and \pagebvii)

-- changed the header construction for tableofcontents and
   friends. The anchor that hyperref will use for TOC, LOF etc entries
   in the TOC will now point above the header not below it.

-- changed a few things in \subbottom, which hopefully fixes an issue
   with hypcap, https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/440399/3929 (and

-- the handling of \absindent, \absparsep is now correctly described in the
   manual (any changes of these of use of them has to be delayed to the start of
   the document via \AtBeginDocument)

-- Updated the patched \InputIfFileExists to match the one used in the
   2019/10/01 format (if using that format, we use the old version)

-- Updated the embedded copy of the booktabs package, bringing it in ling with
   booktabs v1.6180339.

-- Changed the warning emitted at the start of loading the caption
   package. Apparently users got spooked by it. The caption package works just
   fine with with memoir, the warning is just there to remind users that once
   the caption package is loaded, all caption related configurations should go
   through the caption package interface, not through the class interface.

-- Fixed a bug in \lofmark and \lotmark when using the oneside option. The
   default headings style uses \markright for all marks under oneside, but due
   to an ordering mistake, \lofmark and \lotmark would still be using \markboth
   unless you explicitly issued \pagestyle{headings} in the preamble. This is
   now fixed.

-- fixed bug in \newfootnoteseries, the included footnote type did not support
   more than one paragraph. Is now long.

-- fixed bug in \pagenote[...]{...}. Under hyperref
   \pagenote{.}\pagenote[.]{.}{\pagenote{.} did not add a separator as
   expected. It does now.

o memhfixc v1.18

-- added a \par to \contcaption to get rid of a sporadic space coming
   from \refstepcounter under hyperref

-- additionally added a patch when hypcap is loaded, now using
   \contcaption is no longer an error (hypcap looks to see if \caption
   has been used)

Changed (2018/12/12)

o memoir v3.7h

-- The following packages are no longer embedded into the class
   sources: array, delarray, dcolumn and tabularx.

   These are all part of the _tools_ section of every LaTeX
   installation, thus there is no reason to embed it anymore (let
   alone keep track of when they are updated). Instead we require them
   from the LaTeX installation.

   Note that the class still makes its own defaults for some of the
   default settings for these packages.

   Historical note: When the class was first created updating LaTeX
   was not an easy task, often done by hand. Also there was no manual
   requirements, or if there were a manual it might not be easy to
   find. So it made sense to have it all in one place and their
   manuals added to the class manual. This usage information in the
   manual will stay, but might no longer be 100% up to date, so users
   are always referred to the package manuals.

   We may remove more embedded packages in the future and replace them
   with just require the distribution provided ones.

-- remembered to note \pagerefname when dealing with page notes.

-- fixed bug in inline toc entries in the manual when there are subitem
   that are not typeset and hyperref is in use (\endlinechar=-1 around
   the toc), also noted in the manual that this problem may occur and
   how to deal with it.

   One might argue that \endlinechar=-1 should be the default thenever
   the ToC are being typeset.

-- Added \SingleSpacing* which does *not* add a \vskip at the
   end. Also adjusted \SingleSpacing such that it does not emit a
   \vskip when used in the preamble. This fixes

Changed (2018/04/04)

o memoir v3.7g

-- is now using colorlinks hyperref option in the manual. We switched
   it off year ago because some users were printing the
   manual. Nowadays most is reading the manual online, and thus
   colorlinks brings a better reading experience.
-- under hyperref \index{... |)} now also adds `|)hyperpage` to the
   idx file. This is needed for xindy to process the idx
   file. Makeindex does not seem to mind. Reported via private email.
-- added examples of the nine much overlooked \setpageXX macros, these can
   be used instead of \settrimmedsize and \settrims to place a trimmed
   page on the stock in nine often used configurations.
-- the way the class writes the pagesize to the output have been
   rewritten and should now work with lualatex. Therefore we no longer
   auto load the luatex85 package. We have also canceled \fixpdflayout
   and \fixdvipslayout (they now just emit a warning)
-- the class will truncate certain layout lengths to a whole number of
   point (e.g. \textwidth). This can now be disabled using the
   fullptlayout class option, reported via
-- in as of the release of TeXLive 2018 \counterwithin/out will be
   added to the LaTeX kernel, we changed our version to use
   \providecommand accordingly 
-- removed loading the mempatch.sty package, it has been empty for
   many years
-- now requiring ifpdf, ifetex, ifxetex and ifluatex packages to exist.
   Earlier we attempted to emulate them if missing, this does not make
   sense any more
-- started adding "Recommended alternative" blocks to the
   manual. These are just mentioning more modern alternatives to what
   ever is mentioned in the manual. Fx using tcolorbox instead of the
   buildin framed env. Suggestions are welcome (by email)
-- added \titlingpageend{}{} which can be used to set the clearing
   code at the end of the titlingpage env.
-- clearified the interaction between 14pt and extrafontsizes options
-- updating the embedded array and tabularx copies fixes
   https://tex.stackexchange.com/q/411862/3929 (an issue with bidi)
-- dumped the emulated date for delarray to 2014/10/28 (the code,
   after the array update) is the same
-- fixed a bad interaction in \subbottom when the showkeys and
   hyperref is loaded. Reported via
-- removed unnecessary \phansomsection from the thebiblipgraphy
   setup. Reported via https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/396303/3929
-- added \nobreak to \@vslnumleft and @vslnumright (internal to
   verse), reported via https://tex.stackexchange.com/a/415939/3929
-- added \phansomsection to \startnoteentrystart, otherwise \label in
   \pagenote does not work correctly.   
-- fixed a typo in \@listii where \itemsep is not pointing towards
   \itemsepii, similar to the other \@listK macros. 
-- fixed problem with \setfloatadjustment, font size changes did not
   come through

Changed (2016/05/16)

o memoir v3.7f

-- Sidecaption placement in oneside docs did not work as
   advertised. Now left and inner will place it on the left side, and
   right and outer will place it on the right.
-- fixed sporious spaces in \createmark
-- added loading luatex85 under certain conditions
-- updated the embedded booktabs code so we are back aligned with
   latest booktabs version.

Changed (2015/07/08)

o memoir v3.7e

-- per request, memoir no longer auto load the etex package on newer
   kernels (as the 2015+ kernels auto allocate the extra registers)

Changed (2015/04/23)

o memoir v3.7d

-- \end@dblfloat code reversion now only happens if fixltx2e has a
   release date older than 2014/01/01. Newer versions of fixltx2e has
   no problems with memoir
-- added \feetatbottom. Use it to force footnotes to be added
   from the bottom up when in a \raggedbottom context. Has no effect
   under \flushbottom
-- \twocolumnfootnotes, \threecolumnfootnotes, \paragraphfootnotes now
   use \skip\footins<series>
-- added \setfootins, it will set \skip\footins and its minipage
   counterpart, plus the \...v@r versions used by e.g.,
-- fixed a bug in page styles whereby one could not apply rule
   prefixes to a copied style.
-- Fixed typo in manual about \newleadpage, 
   reported by Werner Grundlingh
-- updated our version of \@doclearpage to match fixltx2e v1.1s (which
   will also be in the next ltx kernel). This will change float
   placement in a twocolumn doc (for the better)

Changed (2015/03/05)

o memoir v3.7c

-- by request from LTX3, the \textsubscript definitions now only takes
   place if \textsubscript is not already defined
-- fixed interaction between memoir and fixltx2e, we delay our
   \baselinestretch adjustment, reported by Ulrike Fisher
-- provided \@textsuperscript instead of \newcommand, then fixltx2e
   can be loaded before \documentclass, reported by Ulrike Fischer
-- fixed typo in pagestyle message, reported by Werner Grundlingh 
-- fixed a few sporious	spaces
-- made changes to the article option (reported by Victor Ivrii):
   o it no longer sets \chaptername to be empty 
     (no idea why it did in the first place, certainly not a good idea
     when using babel)
   o under the article option, the headings page style now correctly
     removes the term 'Chapter'  
-- added a caveat about \tightlists vs. \small/\footnotesize
-- reimplemented the ell chapter style
-- various typos

Please note that there are still items on my TODO list that has not
yet been addressed. They will when time permits.

Changed (2013/05/30)

o memoir v3.7b

-- bugfix sidecontcaption

o memhfixc v1.17

-- bugfix sidecaption and sidecontcaption

Changed (2013/05/22)

o memoir v3.7

-- Emulated date for array package made to match the actual 
-- When ever the caption package is loaded we now reset 
   \abovecaptionskip to 10pt and \belowcaptionskip to 0pt 
   as in the default classes
-- Typos in manual
-- Fixed bug in \subbottom[]{...}. If an empty argument is given, 
   we will automatically eat the space after the (a)-part
-- Fixed bug in \makeheadposition, the last two arguments was ignored, 
   now works as intended
-- Removed \thanksfootextra from manual
-- Factored the box part out of the various \<X>numberline macros
-- The \cftXfont can now end with a macro taking one argument, 
   say \MakeTextUppercase
-- Included a carbon copy of the textcase package by David Carlisle,
   thus the class now provide the \MakeTextUppercase and
   \MakeTextLowercase macros
-- Default casing macro for the header information is now
   \MakeTextUppercase  not \MakeUppercase 
-- A hook is provided into \part, \book and \chapter which is executed
   just before writing to the TOC. The hook is especially intended
   when using the hyperref package and the layout dictates upper or
   lower casing these titles in the TOC.
-- All use of \MakeUppercase and \MakeLowercase in page styles,
   chapter styles etc. have been changes into \MakeTextUppercase 
   and \MakeTextLowercase
-- Added a sniplet showcasing an approach to auto adjust the numwidths
   in the toc using calc and etoolbox
-- Added titlingpage* which does not reset the page counter after the
-- Added \mempreaddchaptertotochook and \mempostaddchaptertotochook
   hooks, executed right before and right after \chapter writes to the
   .toc file. It can be used to create a simple \chaptertoc command,
   see sniplet appendix.
   Added similarly named hooks to \part and \book, plus 
   \mempreaddapppagetotochook and \mempostaddapppagetotochook added to 
-- Clarification about \maxtocdepth (turns out, it is not used in memoir),
   related to http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/97018/3929
-- Made sure \postchapterprecis include code such that the text after
   \chapterprecis is indented in the same manner as it would just
   after \chapter
-- Added a hook at the very end of \chapter, could be used to add a
   \clearpage or similar
-- Added a remark about trimmarks vs. synctex.
-- Fixed bug in \foottopagenote, now it works with \continuousnotenums
-- Section on the \pagenotecommand moved to the chapter about page notes
   (\footnote, \sidefootnote, \sidepar etc.)
-- documented \cftKformatpnumhook, which could be used to auto adjust pnumwidth
-- Added a hook enabling color change in the showlocs page style
-- Workaround for colors leaking into paragraph footnotes (a proper
   solution would involve fixing the color stack problem as in bigfoot)
-- Subfloat counter reset factored out into macros, requested by Axel
-- split \@makecaption into two, and inner (\@@makecaption) which
   handles the formatting, and an outer (\@makecaption) handling the
   space before and after 
-- longtable caption support, added only if the ltcaption package is
   not loaded (either directly or indirectly).
-- Added an autoadjustment feature for \marginparwidth (suggested by
   Steffen V. Petersen), thus unless the user has used \setmarginnotes
   a suitable choice for \marginparwidth is made.
   More of these auto adjusting macros may be added later.
-- rewritten how page notes are written to the .ent file
-- added hyperref support to page notes

o memhfixc v1.16

-- restore footnote comma separation, when hyperfootnotes option is
   active (default in current hyperref)
-- make sure \@starttoc behave like ours, when running under hyperref

Changed (2011/03/06)

o memoir v3.6j

-- fixed typo in trimmarks
-- changed \chapter (and chapter like titles), \section's, \part 
   and \book such that a non-zero \parskip no longer interfer
   with the title layout.
-- yet another fix for the reimplemented page notes. Now 'x    x' 
   only results in one line break not several.

Changed (2011/02/18)

o memoir v3.6i

-- fixes two problems, one in \addtonotes and implemented the float 
   inner adjustment in a different manner such that \setfloatlocation 
   works again

Changes (2011/02/13)

o memoir v3.6h

-- provided marginfigure and margintable environments modelled after 
   tufte latex (work in progress) including special justification macro 
   to force content flush against the textblock
-- copied the contents of the placeins package, though under a 
   different name (\FloatBlock) 
-- added \setfloatadjustment to allow users to globally add stuff to the 
   start of floats, e.g. make typeset floating tables using \small 
-- added the possibility to change the color of the head/foot rule in
   the pagestyle
-- reimplemented the page note construction. Note that the new
   implementation does not rely on the same macros as the old
-- Manual: checked and verified the links in the bibliography and made
   all the CTAN links active in the PDF version of the manual. 
-- \namesubappendices and \anonsubappendices never existed, 
   their real names are \namedsubappendices and \unnamedsubappendices, 
   fixed in the manual.
-- fixed bug in \pfbreak
-- added hook/wrapper such that packages like bidi can control the
   typesetting direction of the headers/footers 
-- added footer and header measuring, inspired by similar feature in 
   fancyhdr. Though we do not change, say, the \headheight we leave 
   this to the user and simply warn about it.
-- made sure that \footnote, \sidefootnote, \sidepar and \sidebar 
   use the same baseline stretch setting (note that for now \marginpar 
   is not covered) 
-- fixed a font problem inside \quarkmarks
-- subsequent pagenotes are now separated in the same manner af footnotes

o mem12.clo

-- changed \headheight to 14.5pt, to match the pattern used by 
   the other clo files.

o memhfixc.sty

-- now take care of using \printpagenoteshyperref to print back
   references for page notes using hyperlinks.

Changes (2010/09/19)

o memoir v3.6g

-- fixed a typo in the vplaces env
-- made \needspace work better with \section and friends
-- added \settypeoutlayoutunit such that users can choose in which 
   unit the layout list should be written to the log file. 
-- removed the \footnoteA--C commands from the manual, they have 
   never existed 
-- Added \OnehalfSpacing* and \DoubleSpacing* which will additionally 
   also make floats and  page notes have the same spacing. Macros to 
   explicitly set these values have also been added
-- made it more clear who the maintainer is 

Changes (2010/08/22)

o memoir v3.6f

-- fixed a typo in memoirs float handling which caused floats to
   become lost, this brings float handling back in line

Changes (2010/08/20)

o memoir v3.6e

-- changed \parnopar to make its changes inside a group
-- some clarifications in the manual

o Memhfixc v1.15

- fixed typo introduced in v1.14 
  (special thanks to Ian D. Leroux and meho_r on ctt for reporting this)

Earlier changes are noted at the end.

  Author: Peter Wilson (Herries Press) herries dot press at earthlink dot net
  Copyright 2001--2010 Peter R. Wilson
  Copyright 2011--     Lars Madsen
  Maintainer: Lars Madsen daleif at math dot au dot dk
  This work may be distributed and/or modified under the
  conditions of the LaTeX Project Public License, either
  version 1.3c of this license or (at your option) any 
  later version.
  The latest version of the license is in
  and version 1.3c or later is part of all distributions of
  LaTeX version 2008/05/04 or later.
  This work has the LPPL maintenance status "maintained".

  This work consists of the files:
README (this file) 
  and the derived files 

    The distribution consists of the following files:
README           (this file)
memoir.(dtx|ins)   Class source and installation files
mempatch.(dtx|ins) Source and installation for patch files
memhfixc.sty       Patch file for hyperref package
memman.tex         LaTeX source for the user manual
                    (requires the memoir class and the alltt,
                     fixltx2e, layouts, graphicx, and url packages for 
memman.pdf         User manual in PDF
memmanadd.pdf      Addendum (in PDF) to the User Manual (if required)
memsty.sty         Style file for (memman|memmanadd).tex
memnoidxnum.tex    Some default indexed elements for memman.tex
memfonts.sty       Palatino/CMR(lmodern) font mix
memlays.sty        Additional diagrammatic layouts
titlepages.sty     Assorted title page definitions
anvil2.mps         Herries Press logo
memman.ist         MakeIndex style file for (memman|memmanadd).tex
memman.gst         MakeIndex style file for (memman|memmanadd) glossary
trims-example.tex  Example file showcasing the four types of trimmarks 
                   supported by memoir, a PDF version of this is needed 
                   to build the manual

To  manually install the package:
o run: latex memoir.ins (which will generate memoir.cls, 
                         a set of mem*.clo files,
                         and basic.gst for MakeIndex glossary files)
  run: latex mempatch.ins (which will generate memhfixc.sty and mempatch.sty)			 
o Move memoir.cls, the mem*.clo files and any mem*.sty file to locations 
  where LaTeX will find them (typically in a local texmf tree at 
  /tex/latex/memoir) and refresh the file database. 
  See the https://texfaq.org/ for more information on this.

However, it is alway recommended that you update your LaTeX
installation, instead of attempting to manually install a Package or
Class. Nowadays both MikTeX and TeXLive based systems provide update
facilities. (Though, note that LaTeX provided by a Linux distribution
does not).

To read the commented source code
o run: (pdf)latex memoir.dtx
       For an index run: makeindex -s gind.ist memoir
o run: (pdf)latex memoir.dtx
o Print the result for a hardcopy of the documented code (which consists
  of nearly 500 pages)

To process memman.tex (if you really want to do this and not just use 
memman.pdf as supplied)
o Make sure you can use the memoir class and the alltt, fixltx2e,
  layouts, graphicx, comment, and url (and perhaps some more) packages.
o Make sure you have memman.ist, and memman.gst, they are a part of the 
  memoir documentation files

o Run: pdflatex trims-example.tex
o Run (pdf)latex twice on memman.tex
o For an index run: makeindex -s memman.ist memman
o For an index of first lines run: makeindex lines
o For a glossary run: makeindex -s memman.gst -o memman.gls memman.glo
o Run (pdf)latex twice more on memman.tex
o Print the manual
(it is preferable to use pdflatex as the graphics from 
trims-example.tex will otherwise be ignored)


Changes (2010/07/01)

o Memoir v3.6d

-- added \precistocformat, default \noindent, thus the toc precis text 
   is no longer indented by default.
-- Fixed some typos in the manual and in the class
-- reorganized the manner by which we handle the memoir user
   manual. This enables us to add revision numbers and dates to the
   start of each chapter of the manual. Please note that these
   revision numbers do not appear if one attempts to compile
   memman.tex as it relies on a modified (and thus private) version of
   svn-multi and also relies on splitting memman.tex into separate
-- If the 'article' class option is in effect we now use the plain
   page style by default instead of headings. 

o Memhfixc v1.14

-- Brought memoir sections back in line with hyperref. Now a hyperlink 
   to a section should end up above the section title, instead of below. 

Changes (2010/04/19)

o Memoir v3.6

-- reversioned memoir to version 3.6. The version number was tending 
   towards the golden ratio, but apparently this numeric value is 
   not widely known.
-- fixed \marginparmargin{left} in twoside mode
-- fixed a race condition in memhfixc

Changes (2010/02/20)

o Memoir v1.618033988c 

-- fixed sporadic space in regular \footnote command

Changes (2010/02/17)

o Memoir v1.618033988b 

-- fixed typo that broke \feetbelowfloat

Changes (2010/02/16)

o Memoir v1.618033988 

-- changed internal toc handling, as not to open extra files if the 
   TOC is being used several times.
-- fixed bug in the emulation of ifpdf, ifxetex and ifluatex that 
   might cause memoir to crash in certain cases
-- added \clearmark and \clearplainmark to 'clear' mark commands when 
   defining specialised page styles
-- made \subcaptionref robust
-- added \letcountercounter and \unletcounter to let one counter act 
   as if it had another name
-- add possibility to have \footnote write in the margin by internally 
   use \marginpar	
-- added a separate bottom aligned side footnote feature
-- added consistent interface for \marginpar, \sidepar, \sidebar, 
   and \sidefootnote for specifying into which margin the note should go
-- added feature that makes it easier for the side writing macros to 
   determine whether they are on the left or right of the text. The 
   defaults for \sidepar and \sidebar have been changed such that their 
   text now comes out flush up against the text.
-- added appendix about the picture environment. Apparently there is no 
   extensive freely available information about this environment. There 
   is now. The chapter stems from an abandoned book project.
-- extended the pagestyle changing macros such that they now warn if 
   the page style does not exist or if the page style is an alias 
   (trying to change an alias might lead to odd results)
-- added tocvsec2 to list of emulated packages (left out by mistake)
-- some undocumented hooks have been added to the toc building macros,
   more about these later.

Changes (2009/11/17)

o Memoir v1.61803398c 

-- fixed typo that broke \flushbottom. Please note that this fix WILL 
   change existing documents, potentially changing page breaks.
-- fixed a problem that might cause the addition of trimmarks to shift 
   the output box a bit downward. Thanks to Heiko Oberdiek for the 
   analysis and fix
-- fixed a typo in an example in the manual
-- changed \tmarkml, \tmarkmr, \tmarktm and \tmarkbm to place markers 
   for the middle parts of the text. Earlier they did nothing and had 
   to be defined by the user. Now the user can simply define them to do 
   nothing if needed.
-- added visual example to the manual showing the four trim mark types
-- changed the madsen chapter style such that it now has a better 
   unnumbered look

Changes (2009/09/21)

o Memoir v1.61803398b 

-- fixed typo that broke \thanks

Changes (2009/09/10)

o Memoir v1.61803398 

-- fixed bug with the upquote package
-- added support for the bidi package
-- added a simple page style
-- added feature to \newlistof such that \KeepFromToc will locally change say 
   \tableofcontents into \tableofcontents*
-- Fixed bug, such that XeLaTeX will get the correct pages sizes

Changes (2009/08/23)

o Eighth edition of the User Manual covering memoir v1.61803398. 
  The design Part is now in a separate document, memdesign, which 
  should be available from CTAN in /info.

Changes (2009/07/24)

o Memoir v1.6180339h fixes minor typos in memoir.dtx and mempatch.dtx

Changes (2009/07/21)

o Memoir v1.6180339g fixes minor bugs in memoir and mempatch

Changes (2009/07/12)

o Memoir v1.6180339f fixes minor bugs and adds new commands

-- \begin{labelled}{name} A description list where \name is the labelling macro 
-- \twocoltocetc - the ToC and friends will be set in two columns
-- \onecoltocetc - the ToC and friends will be set in one column (the default)
-- \doccoltocetc - the ToC and friends will be set according the class column option
-- \frontmatter, \mainmatter and \backmatter have had their float counter change 
   factored out such that users may now change these

o Memoir now automatically loads the etex package

o The manual includes a chapter giving some historical backround related
  to typesetting and further information about fonts. There is a new 
  chapter describing an example implementation of a memoir-based package for 
  a US University thesis.

Changes (2009/02/06)

o Memoir v1.6180339d,e fixes a bug introduced by v1.6180339c

-- \makeheadwidth, \makerunningheadwidth and \makerunningfootwidth no longer 
   support the '+' syntax from the calc package.

-- under hyperref \nameref is now an alias for \titleref

Changes (2009/01/26)
o Memoir v1.6180339c released with minor bug fixes that could
  not be done via the patch file, plus some new functionality. The
  manual has NOT been updated and the changes are noted below.

-- New paper size options: `a0paper', `a1paper', `a2paper', `b0paper', 
   `b1paper', and `b2paper' for A0, A1, A2, B0,B1, and B2 size stock paper.

-- Macro \memoirpostopthook{} which is called after the options are
   processed but before anything else is done (like setting the page layout).
   As an example, you may define it as (before the \documentclass}
  to specify a stock paper size of <wid> by <ht> that is not provided by the 
  defined options.

-- New `portrait' option (default, the opposite of `landscape').

-- New command \setbinding{<length>} for a binding offset of <length>.

-- New commands: \setpagetm, \setpagetr, \setpagemr, \setpagebr, \setpagebm,
   \setpagecc to position a (smaller) page on a (larger) stock at the
   top-middle, top-right, middle-right, bottom-right, bottom-middle, and
   centered with respect to the stock.

   The macros are to be used instead of \settrimmedsize taking the
   same arguments.

-- New optional parameter in \makeheadwidth{<style>}[<footerwidth>]{<headerwidth>}
   to set the width of the <style>'s headers to <headerwidth> and the footers 
   to <headerwidth> or, if given, to <footerwidth>. The two widths can also
   be set individually using \makerunningheadwidth{<style>}{<length>}
   and similarly with \makerunningfootwidth. The lengths, if needed
   are stored in \styleheadrunwidth and \stylefootrunwidth.

-- New `showlocs' pagestyle, which is provided as an example of what can be
   done to show the positions of headers, footers, and the textblock (lines
   are drawn showing the header and footer vertical locations and a box is
   drawn around the text block. It is implemented by two zero-sized pictures:
   \framepichead which draws a line at the header location, and \framepictextfoot 
   which draws a frame around the textblock and a line at the footer location.
   Following the declaration \showheadfootlocoff the header/footer lines
   will not be drawn (\showheadfootlocon turns them on again), and following 
   the \showtextblocklocoff declaration the frame around the text block will 
   not be drawn (\showtextblocklocon turns it on again). If you want a box 
   around your text you could create your own pagestyle using \framepictextfoot
   and with the showlocs code as a starting point. 

-- New command \centerfloat is a version of \centering which centers a wide 
   float or other known width element with respect to the textblock. E.g.,
   \begin{table} \centerfloat \caption{A wide table} ... \end{table}

-- New command \sourceatright[<length>]{<short text>}. Use at the end of a
   paragraph to put <short text> flushright. If it is short enough it will
   go at the end of the last line preceded by at least <length> (default 2em)
   space, otherwise it is set (flushright) on the following line.

-- New macro \leftspringright{<lfrac>}{<rfrac>}{<ltext>}{<rtext>} sets
   <ltext> as a flushleft column, width <lfrac> of the textwidth, and <rtext> 
   as a flushright column, width <rfrac> of the textwidth, with 
   (1.0 - <lfrac> - <rfrac>) textwidth space between them. E.g.,
   \leftspringright{0.4}{0.5}{On the left}{Right stuff}

-- Following the declaration \linenottooshort[<length>] paragraphs will be set:
   As normal but the last line will not be shorter than <length> (default 4em)

-- Using \russianpar instead of \par to end a paragraph causes it to be set
   following Russian typographic rules

-- Using \lastlinerulefill instead of \par to end a paragraph will be 
   cause any short line to be filled with a rule (\lastlineparrule) up to 
   the righthand margin.

-- Following the declaration \leftcenterright paragraphs will be set:
   First line raggedright, the last line raggedleft, and the remainder 
   centered. If you use this shape, set \everypar{} afterwards.

-- Following the declaration \justlastraggedleft paragraphs will be set:
   All lines normal except the last is raggedleft.

-- Following the declaration \raggedrightthenleft paragraphs will be set:
   First line raggedright and remainder raggedleft.

-- If you use the above unusual paragraph shapes then using \\ to break
   a line may give a surprising result. If so, you could try instead
   \atcentercr (a memoir macro) or \break (a standard LaTeX macro) to see 
   if the result is any better for you. In addition, just in case, memoir
   stores the original definitions of \\ and \par as \memorigdbs and
   \memorigpar respectively.

-- \titleref have been extended with a \titleref*, which under
   hyperref will provide the title but no link. Without hyperref, it
   is the same as \titleref

-- added hooks around the internals used by sidecaption,
   sidecontcaption, sidenamedlegend and sidelegend. They do nothing by
   default but can be used for something like this


   which, if the user has placed the sidecaption on the outside in an
   twosided layout, then the figure will automatically be pushed
   towards the spine margin.

Changes (2008/08/23)
o memhfixc v1.10 released to fix problem with tex4ht

Changes (2008/08/07)
o Memoir v1.6180339a released to fix extraneous spaces in footnotes

Changes (2008/07/23)
o Memoir v1.6180339 released to cater for non-compatible changes in
  the hyperref package. It is highly unlikely that I will make any future
  changes to memoir with respect to hyperref modifications, instead hyperref
  can cater for memoir if necessary. All patches from mempatch v5.1 are 
  folded in.
o Mempatch package v6.0 released.
o INSIGNIFICANT CHANGES TO THE MANUAL (corrected typo in Figure 8.1 caption,
  added two persons to the Acknowledgements)

Changes (2008/07/12)
o Mempatch package v5.1 released with bug fixes for \DisemulatePackage
  and spacing of Part titles in the ToC.
o There was a mismatch between the general version of memman.pdf and the
  tds version. These are now the same. I took the opportunity to fix
  some very minor typos (perhaps no more than half a dozen words) in the 
  User Manual (if you have a printed copy of the seventh edition, it's not 
  worth printing the update)

Changes (2008/06/02)
o Memoir class v1.618033 released with bug fixes for \feetbelowfloat
  and sidebar layout for the larger font sizes.

Changes (2008/05/27)
o Memoir class v1.61803 released incorporating all patches and comments about 
  v1.61803 beta. Major extensions are extended, or arbitrary, document font 
  sizes and provision of several styles of section headings.
o User Manual (memman), edition 7 released incorporating the contents of the
  Addendum. The part on typography has been extended and a glossary of memoir's
  commands and environments has been added.
o New (empty) version of mempatch.sty.

    This will be the last release for a considerable period of time. After 25
years in the USA we are moving back to the UK where there are grandchildren.
The process will probably involve at least 6 months in LaTeX limbo.
My definition of `considerable period' may imply decades.

Changes (2008/04/25)
o Beta version of memoir v1.61803 released incorporating all patches. 
  No major comments received.
o Beta version of the USER MANUAL released incorporating all of the
  ADDENDUM. Minor comments received.

Changes (2006/12/23)
o New version (4.7) of mempatch.sty, fixing minor infelicities with v4.6

Changes (2006/12/11)
o New version (1.9) of memhfixc.sty
o New version (4.6) of mempatch.sty, adding spacing commands,
  about a dozen new built-in chapterstyles, new trimmarks,
  some minor new commands, and bug fixes.
o New version of memmanadd.pdf

Changes (2006/08/09)
o New version 4.5 of mempatch.sty
o New version memmanadd.pdf

Changes (2005/09/25)
o New version of memoir.dtx which will generate the new
  version v1.618 of memoir.cls, the *.clo files (which are unchanged),
  and the basic.gst configuration file for MakeIndex to support
  memoir's glossary code.
o Memoir.cls v1.618 incorporates all the patches from mempatch.sty
  v3.12, and includes a code set for making glossaries.
o New version 4.0 of mempatch.sty (contains no code)
o New version of memmanadd.pdf

Changes (2004/05/24)
o New version (v1.6) of memhfixc.sty (fix for subappendices)
o New version (v2.3d) of mempatch.sty (fix for boxedverbatim)

Changes (2004/04/26)
o New release (2.3 again but with some code) of mempatch.sty

Changes (2004/04/05)
o New version of memoir.dtx which will generate the new 
  version v1.61 of memoir.cls and the *.clo files with minor
  fixes for extraneous spaces and footnotes. Incorporates
  the patches from mempatch 2.2.
o New version 2.3 of mempatch.sty (contains no code)

Changes (2004/03/01)
o New version 2.2 of mempatch.sty (fix indent after verbatim)

Changes (2004/02/11)
o New version 2.1 of mempatch.sty (fix for use of \linespread)

Changes (2004/01/31)
o New version of memoir.dtx which will generate the new 
  version v1.6 of memoir.cls incorporating all earlier patches
o New version v2.0 of mempatch.sty (which does nothing)
o New edition of the manual, incorporating all the material from
  the Addendum, which is no more

Changes (2003/11/16)  
o New version 1.9 of mempatch.sty (major extensions for typesetting
  arrays and tabulars; hung paragraphs; reduced moans about using 
  deprecated font commands; bug fixes)
o New version of the Addendum (memmanadd.pdf)

Changes (2003/09/16)
o New version 1.8 of mempatch.sty (major extensions to footnoting,
  e.g., multiple styles and multiple series; a `fixed marginpar';
  and bug fixes)
o New version of the Addendum (memmanadd.pdf)

Changes (2003/07/23)
o New version 1.7 of mempatch.sty (improved odd/even page checking,
  spacing in the bibliography, minor tweaks with the article option,
  and bug fixes)
o New version of the Addendum (memmanadd.pdf)

Changes (2003/06/28)
o New version 1.6 of mempatch.sty (improved odd/even page checking,
  page layout, and bug fixes)
o New version of the Addendum (memmanadd.pdf)

Changes (2003/04/28)
o New version 1.5 of mempatch.sty (improved frame boxes, footnotes, 
  and bug fixes)
o New version of the Addendum (memmanadd.pdf)

Changes (2003/02/20)
o New version 1.3 of memhfixc.sty (fixes an appendices/hyperref problem)
o New version of the Addendum (mammanadd.pdf) with description of footnote styling 

Changes (2003/02/13)
o Reference sections, etc., by name as well as by number
o Now 3 `need space' macros
o New macros for `slash' fractions (fractions like 6/19)
o Use of \footnote in titling macros (e.g., \author) ignored
o New version 1.4 of mempatch.sty
o New version 1.2 of memhfixc.sty
o New version of the Addendum (memmanadd.pdf)

Changes (2003/01/22)
o Second optional argument to \section, etc, for page header text
o Formatting of numbers ---  cardinals and ordinals, numeric and spelled out
o Better cooperation with natbib, chapterbib, nameref packages
o New version 1.3 of mempatch.sty
o New version 1.1 of memhfixc.sty
o New version of the Addendum

Changes in version 1.3a of memoir.cls (2002/11/22)
o Fixed nasty figure/table numbering gremlin that couldn't be done by
  the patch file

Changes in version 1.3 of memoir.cls (2002/11/14)
o More flexibility in defining chapter styles, and the appearance of 
  chapter and part listings in the ToC
o \tableofcontents and friends can be used multiple times
o Major extensions for indexing, including multiple indexes
o Major extensions to the trim marks
o Can do N of M page numbering
o Added automatic inclusion of a patch file
o No change to the User Manual, but the Addendum has been revised

Changes in version 0.2a of mem12.clo (2002/08/27)
o Fixed scriptsize bug

Changes in version 1.2 (2002/08/10)
o Incorporated all fixes from memfixb.sty that applied to version 1.1
o Minor changes to *.clo files
o Added 17pt class option
o Boxes that break over pages and/or contain verbatim text
o Several ways of dealing with verbatim text
o Convenient methods for file input and output
o Additional \provide... commands
o User-specified footnote configuration, and footnotes that can include
  verbatim text
o Additional optional argument to \chapter and \chapter* for short
  header texts

Changes in version 1.1 (2002/03/28)
o Incorporated all fixes from memfixa.sty that applied to version 1.0
o Minor change to *.clo files
o Native support for subfigures
o Fixed incompatability with the natbib package
o Additional facilities for verse typesetting
o Experimental marginpar-like extensions
o New edition of the user manual

Changes (2002/03/28)
o Removed memfixa.sty

Changes (2002/01/23)
o Added memfixa.sty to distribution to fix problem if the
        showtrims option and the calc package are used together.

Changes in version 1.0 (2001/11/17)
o First public production release
o Support for tipped in illustrations
o Fine control over chapter pages
o Support for continous page numbering even if switching between
  numbering systems (e.g., roman to arabic)
o Minor change to *.clo files
o Extended Part I of the manual, and more examples in Part II

Changes in version 0.33 (2001/08/31)
o Added controllable chapter spacing in LoF and LoT
o Fixed bug in \appendixpage
o Provided dictionary style headers for the Index (memman.(tex|ist))

Changes in version 0.32 (2001/08/03)
o Further fixes for old versions of the amsmath package

Changes in version 0.31 (2001/07/24)
o Companion chapterstyle typesets correctly on verso pages
o Fixed odd interaction with the amsmaths package

Changes in version 0.3 (2001/07/14)
o Simulation of the article class
o Addition of configurable titles
o Addition of configurable abstract environment
o Improved cooperation with the subfigure package

Changes in version 0.2 (2001/06/03)
o First public beta release
o Major improvements

Changes in version 0.1 (2001/05/20)
o First public experimental alpha release


Peter Wilson
herries dot press at earthlink dot net

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%%% mode: text
%%% End: 

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (3.3M).

memoir – Typeset fiction, non-fiction and mathematical books

The memoir class is for typesetting poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and mathematical works.

Permissible document ‘base’ font sizes range from 9 to 60pt. There is a range of page-styles and well over a dozen chapter-styles to choose from, as well as methods for specifying your own layouts and designs. The class also provides the functionality of over thirty of the more popular packages, thus simplifying document sources.

Users who wish to use the hyperref package, in a document written with the memoir class, should also use the memhfixc package (part of this bundle). Note, however, that any current version of hyperref actually loads the package automatically if it detects that it is running under memoir.

Version3.8.2 2024-01-26
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2001–2011 Peter R. Wilson
2011–2024 Lars Madsen
MaintainerLars Madsen
Peter R. Wilson (inactive)
TDS archivememoir.tds.zip
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