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maybemath LaTeX style, by Andy Buckley <andy@insectnation.org>

maybemath provides LaTeX macros for making math bold, upright, italic
or sans-serif according to context.

The \maybebm and \maybeit macros can be used in math expressions to make 
the arguments typeset as bold or italic respectively if the surrounding 
context is appropriate. They are useful for writing user macros for use 
in general contexts.

\maybebm is especially appropriate when section titles contain math 
expressions, since the title will appear bold but the header and table 
of contents usually replicate the title in normal width.

\maybeit performs a similar role to \mathrm{} but the math expression will 
be italicised if the surrounding text is. \maybeitsubscript is provided to 
shift subscripts to the left if the expression is italicised.

\maybesf makes the argument typeset with \mathsf{} if the surrounding text
context is sans-serif. Note that there is no sans-serif italic math font, 
so this command is not compatible with any italic-forcing commands.

A convenience macro, \maybebmsf is available for handling boldness and
sans-serif issues at the same time, as these are probably the most frequent
problematic environments. Other combined handling is possible with nested 
use of the above commands.

Thanks to Viet-Trung Luu on comp.text.tex for providing the first steps
to solving this problem.

This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
See http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html for 
the details of that license.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (60.8k).

maybe­math – Make math bold or italic ac­cord­ing to con­text

The \may­bebm and \may­beit macros can be used in maths ex­pres­sions to make the ar­gu­ments type­set as bold or italic re­spec­tively if the sur­round­ing con­text is ap­pro­pri­ate. They are use­ful for writ­ing user macros for use in gen­eral con­texts.

\may­bebm is es­pe­cially ap­pro­pri­ate when sec­tion ti­tles con­tain math ex­pres­sions, since the ti­tle will ap­pear bold but the header and ta­ble of con­tents usu­ally repli­cate the ti­tle in nor­mal width. It uses the bm pack­age to make things bold

\may­beit per­forms a sim­i­lar role to \mathrm{} but the maths ex­pres­sion will be ital­i­cised if the sur­round­ing text is. \may­beit­sub­script is pro­vided to shift sub­scripts to the left if the ex­pres­sion is ital­i­cised.

Ver­sion 2005-02-22
Li­censesThe Project Public Li­cense
Main­tainerAndy Buck­ley
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