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This Work may be distributed and/or modified under the conditions of the LPPL1.3c

The Author of this Work is Jean-Francois Burnol (jfbu at free dot fr)

Copyright (C) 2011-2019, 2022, 2023 Jean-Francois Burnol

  Source: mathastext.dtx 1.3zb 2023/12/29


Optimal typographical results for documents containing mathematical symbols can only be hoped for with math fonts specifically designed to match a given text typeface. Although the list of freely available math fonts (alongside the Computer Modern and AMS extension fonts) is slowly expanding (fourier, kpfonts, mathdesign, pxfonts, txfonts, newpx, newtx, ...) it remains limited, and the situation is even worse with Unicode fonts (/Lua). So if you can't find a math font which fits well with your favorite text font, and wish to still be able to typeset mathematical documents, perhaps not of the highest typographical quality, but at least not subjected to obvious visual incompatibilities between your text font and the math fonts, try out mathastext: it will simply use the text font also for the math!


mathastext is a package


The document will use in math mode the text font as configured at package loading time, for these characters:


Main options: italic, frenchmath, subdued, LGRgreek.

  • Use the italic option to get the Latin letters in math mode be in italics. Digits and log-like operator names (pre-defined as well as user-defined) will be in the same shape as the text font (usually this means upright).
  • each \Mathastext[<name>] in the preamble defines a math version to be later activated in the document body via the command \MTversion{<name>}.
  • With the subdued option, mathastext will be active only inside such math versions.
  • For documents needing Greek letters the following is possible:
    • no option: Greek letters defined by other packages,
    • eulergreek: use the Euler font for the Greek letters,
    • symbolgreek: use the Postscript Symbol font for the Greek letters.
    • LGRgreek: use the document text font in LGR encoding. Further options specify the shape of the lowercase and uppercase Greek glyphs; starting with v1.15c it is possible to use multiple distinct LGR fonts in the same document.
  • Commands are provided to scale the Euler and Symbol fonts by an arbitrary factor to let them fit better with the document text font.
  • \MTsetmathskips allows to set up extra spacings around letters.


1.3zb [2023/12/29]

  • Update to the frenchmath* option to maintain compatibility with the frenchmath package whose release 2.7 (2023/12/23) has replaced the ncccomma package by the decimalcomma package.
  • The frenchmath+ option holds the former meaning of frenchmath*.
  • Option decimalcomma to load the eponymous package by Antoine Missier. This is tacitly done by frenchmath*.
  • No more messages sent to the console output during loading, only info messages going into the log, and using (more or less) the official interface: after close to 13 years of development of this package it was perhaps finally the time to do it.
  • Documentation improvements. Close to 13 years after the birth of the package, and as it nowadays rarely wakes up from dormancy, this was almost last chance to try to improve a few things.

1.3za [2023/12/20]

  • Under LGRgreek and LGRgreeks options, new math alphabets \mathgreekupbold and \mathgreekitbold.
  • New options LGRgreek+ and LGRgreeks+.

Thanks to Holger Gerhardt for feature request and code ideas. Please find and read the relevant documentation in the PDF.

  • The meaning of defaultalphabets and related individual options such as defaultbf has been modified (reverted to pre 1.15f release): even under these options, the package always creates \mathnormalbold, \Mathnormal, \Mathrm, \Mathbf etc..., commands. This may break documents which used these options in order to reserve these command names. This was done with some hesitancy, but for the sake of internal logical coherence.
  • Fix an obscure bug with no real consequences regarding interaction of subdued with LGRgreek and \MTgreekfont. See the LGRgreek documentation in the complete list of options for details.
  • Fix long-standing hyperlink problems in the documentation: blue color words should now all be functioning hyperlinks.

1.3z [2023/09/01]

Fix 1.3y regression which broke selfGreek option due to internal renamings. Thanks to Stephan Korell for report.

1.3y [2022/11/04]

(the 1.3x had an annoying documentation bug, and had already been pushed to CTAN, hence the version increase to 1.3y)

  • mathastext now requires the \expanded primitive (which is available with all major engines since Live 2019).
  • Revisit parts of the documentation (mainly the Examples, and the section on Greek letters) and shuffle the other parts to surely improve things. Mention the mathfont and frenchmath packages.
  • Add the ncccomma option which loads the ncccomma package to allow the comma as decimal separator.
  • Add the binarysemicolon option to let the semi-colon be of type \mathbin, not \mathpunct.
  • Add the frenchmath* option which does all three of frenchmath, ncccomma and binarysemicolon.
  • Under the LGRgreek and LGRgreeks options only:
  • make available upright and italic Greek letters in math mode via \alphaup, \alphait, ... control sequences, in addition to those not using such postfixed-names.
  • add \mathgreekup and \mathgreekit math alphabets.
  • add \MTgreekupdefault and \MTgreekitdefault. The former replaces \updefault which was used in some places and since 2020-02-02 caused systematic Font Warnings about the substitution of up by n.

These new features required an extensive internal refactoring which is expected to not induce changes to most existing documents. But it may induce changes to those using some unusual configuration in the preamble, as made possible via the package macros; this can apply only to documents authored by those few people who actually read the documentation. For full details make sure to read the PDF documentation about this change.

  • Fix "\Digamma under LGRgreek option uses the shape for lowercase not uppercase Greek".
  • Fix some incongruities in log messages related to Greek letters and emitted during math version creation in the preamble.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (773.2k).

mathastext – Use the text font in maths mode

The package uses a text font (usually the document’s text font) for the letters of the Latin alphabet needed when typesetting mathematics. (Optionally, other characters in the font may also be used). This facility makes possible (for a document with simple mathematics) a far wider choice of text font, with little worry that no specially designed accompanying maths fonts are available. The package also offers a simple mechanism for using many different choices of (text hence, now, maths) font in the same document. Of course, using one font for two purposes helps produce smaller PDF files.

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Version1.3zb 2023-12-29
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