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Directory macros/latex/contrib/ieeepes

Package ieeepes for LaTeX2e

This package allows typesetting of transactions, as well as discussions
and closures, for the IEEE Power Engineering Society:
	IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion
	IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery
	IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

List of Files

README			this file
ieeepes.sty		macro definiton file
ieeepes.bst		style file for bibtex
ieeepes_doc.tex         documentation
ieeepes_check.tex	test for the ieeepes package (expect 0 errors!)
ieeepes_check.bib	needed for ieeepes_check.tex, ieeepes_doc.tex
ieeepes_skel.tex	skeleton for a paper
vk.eps			sample author image


Copy *.sty to a directory which is searched by TeX.

Copy *.bst to a directory where bibtex looks for bibtex style files.

If you don't know how to do this consult your local TeX installation

Note: The ieeepes package requires vmargin.sty to run.
      A copy of vmargin is included for your convenience.
Note: Printing author images with ieeepes requires the standard LaTeX2e
      graphics bundle.
Note: Both the vmargin and graphics bundle can be found on any CTAN archive
      or their mirrors.


To obtain a printed version, process the manual ieeepes_doc.tex with LaTeX:

	latex ieeepes_doc
	latex ieeepes_doc
	latex ieeepes_doc

Generating this manual does not require vmargin or graphics. Do not run bibtex.

A printed version of the test file can be generated with:

	latex ieeepes_check
	bibtex ieeepes_check
	latex ieeepes_check
	latex ieeepes_check

Processing the test file requires ieeepes to be correctly installed.

The resulting dvi files can then be converted to the format your
printer understands.

I know this does not use the docstrip system - I might use it later,
but at the moment I find it more important to get finished at all.


% Copyright (C) Volker Kuhlmann 1993, 1995, 1996, 1999
% Volker Kuhlmann
% c/o University of Canterbury
% ELEC Dept
% Creyke Road
% Christchurch, New Zealand
% E-Mail: v.kuhlmann@elec.canterbury.ac.nz
% This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
% of the LaTeX Project Public License, distributed from CTAN
% archives as macros/latex/base/lppl.txt; either
% version 1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

Please drop me a note if you use this package, including any comments
you wish to make. The more people I know of using this package, the more
I feel encouraged to make further improvements.

If you know of any mistakes in the layout, please contact me, saying
why you think the layout generated by ieeepes is incorrect, and I will
fix it.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (255.7k).

ieeepes – IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions

Supports typesetting of transactions, as well as discussions and closures, for the IEEE Power Engineering Society Transactions journals.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerVolker Kuhlmann
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