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The gmdoc.zip package
is a work of Grzegorz Murzynowski,
<natror at o2 dot pl>

1. Copyright 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 by Grzegorz `Natror' Murzynowski

This program is subject to the LaTeX Project Public License. 
See http://www.ctan.org/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/licenses.lppl.html
for the details of that license.

2. Introduction

This package provides a tool for documenting of (La)TeX
packages, classes etc., i.e., the .sty, .cls
etc. The author just writes the code and adds the commentary 
preceded with % sign (or another sign properly declared). No special
environments are necessary.

The package tends to be compatible with the standard doc.sty
package, i.e., the .dtx files are also compilable with
gmdoc (they may need very little adjustment, in some rather
special cases).

The tools are integrated with hyperref.sty's advantages such as
hyperlinking of index entries, of contents entries and
of cross-references.

3. Installation

Unpack the gmdoc-tds.zip archive in a texmf directory or put the
gmdoc.sty, gmdocc.cls and gmoldcomm.sty somewhere in the
texmf/tex/latex branch on your own and also the gmiflink.sty,
gmverb.sty and gmiflink.sty files (available on CTAN in separate
packages).  (Creating a /texmf/tex/latex/gm directory may be advisable
if you consider using other packages written by me.)

Moreover, you should put the gmglo.ist file, a MakeIndex style for the
changes' history, into some texmf/makeindex directory.

Then you should refresh your TeX distribution's files'
database most probably.

4. Contents

The distribution of this package consists of the following five files.


5. Documentation

The last of the above files (the .pdf) is a documentation compiled
from the .sty file by running LaTeX on the gmdocDoc.tex file twice:
xelatex gmdoc.sty
 in the directory you wish the documentation to be in, 
you don't have copy the .sty file  there---TeX will find it,
then MakeIndex on the gmdoc.idx and gmdoc.glo files, and then LaTeX
on gmdocDoc.tex twice again.

MakeIndex shell commands:
  makeindex -r gmdocDoc
  makeindex -r -s gmglo.ist -o gmdocDoc.gls gmdocDoc.glo 
The -r switch is to forbid MakeIndex make implicit ranges since the
(code line) numbers will be hyperlinks.
The -s switch makes MakeIndex use the style file instead of the
default settings and the -o switch declares the not-default name of
the output file

Compiling of the documentation requires the packages gmdoc.sty (with
the gmdocc.cls class), gmiflink.sty, gmverb.sty, gmutils.sty and also
some standard packages: hyperref.sty, xcolor.sty, geometry.sty,
multicol.sty, lmodern.sty, fontenc.sty that should be installed on
your computer by default.

The gmglo.ist file, a MakeIndex style for the changes' history, is
provided on CTAN in the gmdoc .zip archive and should 
be put into some texmf/makeindex directory.

If you have not installed the mwcls classes (available on CTAN and
present in TeX Lives e.g.), the result of your compilation may differ
a bit from the .pdf provided in this .zip archive in formattings: If
you have not installed mwcls, the standard article.cls will be

DEPENDS ON (only non-standard files listed):


*if you typeset The LaTeX 2e Source

BONUS: Base drivers

As a bonus and example of doc-compatibility 
there are driver files included
(cf. Palestrina, Missa papae Marcelli ;-):


(gmsource2e.ist is generated from source2e_gmdoc.tex)

These drivers typeset the respective files from the
directory of TeXLive2005 distribution.
Probably you should redefine the \BasePath macro in them
so that it points that directory on your computer.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.1M).

gmdoc – Documentation of packages

A package and an example class for documenting packages, document classes, .dtx etc., providing hyperlinks. The package is believed to be compatible with doc and permits minimal markup of code (the macrocode environment is no longer necessary). The package provides automatic detection of definitions (detecting such things as \def, \newcommand, \DeclareOption etc.).

The package needs hyperref and the author’s three ‘basic’ packages: gmutils, gmverb and gmiflink.

As a bonus (and as an example of doc compatibility) driver files are provided that may be used to typeset the Base.

LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 Grzegorz Murzynowski
MaintainerGrzegorz Murzynowski
TDS archivegmdoc.tds.zip
Contained inTeX Live as gmdoc
MiKTeX as gmdoc
TopicsDocumentation support
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