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	     Literate Programming for Prolog with LaTeX.

			   Gerd Neugebauer
	      FB Informatik, Universit´┐Żt Koblenz-Landau

This file describes the installation procedure of the style options pl
and pcode. The documentation will be produced during this process.


The distribution of pl.sty contains at least the following files:

README		This file.
pl.doc		The documented style file.
pl.ins		The docstrip program to produce pl.sty.
pl.tex		The driver file to produce the documentation.
pl.cfg		The documentation configuration file.
sample.pl	A sample Prolog file.
Makefile	A makefile for UN*X (or whoever can use it)


(1) You need to have installed LaTeX.
    LaTeX 2.09 is ok.

(2) You need the style option doc.sty and the file docstrip.tex on
    your TeX search path. (To put them in the current directory should
    also work)
    You need a version distributed with LaTeX2e --- even if you still
    use LaTeX 2.09.

(3) You need multicol.sty. At least a file named multicol.sty should
    be on your TeX search path if you use LaTeX 2.09.

(4) You should have the program makeindex to generate the index for the full


(1)	If you have a working make (e.g. on UNIX) you can just type


	This performs the following steps which can also be started

	(1.1)	Run LaTeX on the file pl.ins like in

		latex pl.ins

		This should produce the files pl.sty and pcode.sty
		(and as a side effect the file pl.log)

	(1.2)	Run LaTeX on the file pl.tex like in

			latex pl.tex

		This will produce the documentation file pl.dvi

(2)	Place the file pl.sty and maybe pcode.sty in a place where TeX
	searches for it.

(3)	Print the documentation pl.dvi and READ it!


*	If you do not get your hands on the appropriate version of
	docstrip then you can just rename pl.doc into pl.sty. This
	should work even if the startup time might be slightly higher.

*	If you get an error during the processing of pl.tex, most
	likely your version of doc.sty or multicol.sty is out of date.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (116.2k).

pl – Literate Programming for Prolog with

Instead of having to transform the common source into program or documentation, the central idea was to develop a method to have one common source which can be interpreted by a Prolog system as well as by , whether that Prolog system be C-Prolog, Quintus-Prolog, or ECLiPSe.

LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
MaintainerGerd Neugebauer
Contained inTeX Live as plweb
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