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code associated to the EuropeCV CTAN repository.

Content of the package

The package contains the TeX and the cls files needed to create your CV in LaTeX. In the package, there are some examples that you can follow to build your CV.

I apologize if some translations are wrong, but Italian is my mother tongue. I'm trying to improve my English skills, but it is not an easy task. So, please, do not hesitate to correct the information reported in this README.md file.

Therefore, you can independently change the content of the translation files by editing the text in the .def files. The suffix "it", "de", and so on, indicates the language (e.g., "it" means Italian, "de" German, etc.).

Conversely, the .cls file contains the heart of the code. You can use it to redefine the package by adding your functionality. In such case, please feel free to share your code with the community members that already use EuropeCV.

In case you want to make changes or fix bugs in Linux distributions, you can find europecv.cls under the /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/europecv path.

Pull request template

Well, if you are reading this section it means that you are thinking of helping me to make EuropeCV big! :) Before helping me, developing your features or fixing a bug, please consider the few rules listed below:

  1. The DOS style line terminators CRLF (\r\n) has to be replaced with Unix style (\n) line terminators LF before installing your package.
  1. Each change must be reported in the CHANGELOG file. Please, do not forget to be clear and specify who made this contribution.
  1. In the head of each file, there is the date on which the last changes were made. Please, do not forget to update this information. The same procedure must be followed in the tex file europecv.tex (at the beginning of the file a date says when the file has been changed).

In any case, please take a look at the Contributing.md file.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.2M).

EuropeCV – Unofficial class for European curricula vitae

The europecv class is an unofficial implementation of the standard model for curricula vitae (the “Europass CV”) as recommended by the European Commission. Although primarily intended for users in the European Union, the class is flexible enough to be used for any kind of curriculum vitae.

The class has localisations for all the official languages of the EU (plus Catalan), as well as options permitting input in UTF-8 and koi8-r.

Version 2024-02-01
LicensesThe Project Public License
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Nicola Vitacolonna (inactive)
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