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This file is part of the dinbrief package.





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 Copyright (C) 1993, 96, 97 by University of Karlsruhe (Computing Center).
 Copyright (C) 1998, 2000   by University of Karlsruhe (Computing Center)
                            and Richard Gussmann.
 All rights reserved.
 For additional copyright information see further down in this file.

 This file is part of the DINBRIEF package

 It may be distributed under the terms of the LaTeX Project Public
 License (LPPL), as described in lppl.txt in the base LaTeX distribution.
 Either version 1.1 or, at your option, any later version.

 The latest version of this license is in


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    LaTeX from 1986 is a good candidate ...

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Error reports in case of UNCHANGED versions to

                          K.D. Braune
                          Universit\"at Karlsruhe
                          Postfach 6980
                          76128 Karlsruhe
               Internet:  <braune@rz.uni-karlsruhe.de>

                          Richard Gussmann
                          Max-Beckmann-Stra\ss{}e 31
                          76227 Karlsruhe
               Internet:  <richard@gussmann.de>

Please send error reports for contributed files to the original authors.


You should get the following files:

  dinbrief.dtx     `dinbrief' class/style for LaTeX in docstrip format.

  readme           This File

  dinbrief.ins     This is the installation script that will produce
                   the executable files in this package and the driver
                   files for the documentation when run through LaTeX
                   or TeX.


To produce the executable files please run dinbrief.ins through LaTeX or
TeX, i.e., say

   latex dinbrief.ins

or whatever is necessary to process a file with LaTeX on your
system.  This will generate all necessary files. If you already have
older versions of the files, the script will ask whether or not you
want to overwrite those versions. Note, that the script calls
docstrip.tex internally which is distributed with LaTeX.

This script will produce the following files:

  dinbrief.cls  The dinbrief class file for LaTeX2e.
  dinbrief.sty  The dinbrief style file for LaTeX 2.09.
  dinbrief.cfg  A sample configuration file for the dinbrief class
                for LaTeX2e.
  dinbrief.drv  The driver file for producing the Users Guide
                and the documentation.
  dinbrief.tex  The Users Guide.
  dintab.tex    A list of available commands.

  example.tex   An example of a letter (needs brfkopf.tex).
  brfkopf.tex   An example letter head.
  brfbody.tex   LaTeX input file for the testXXXX.tex files.
  test10.tex    Files for testing the class/style.
  test11.tex    "
  test12.tex    "
  testnorm.tex  "
  dbold.tex     letter with R. Sengerlings commands.

To produce the documentation run the corresponding driver files
through LaTeX.  You are allowed to change the driver files to get a
special layout, etc.

shortpackagename = {dinbrief},
longpackagename  = {dinbrief},
baseformats      = {\LaTeX\ 2.09 and \LaTeXe},
version          = {$Revision: 1.72 $},
date             = {$Date: 2000/01/19 14:51:04 $},
author           = {K.D. Braune, R. Gussmann,
                   Universit\"at Karlsruhe
                   Postfach 6980
                   76128 Karlsruhe
                   +49 721 608-40 31},
abstract         = {This document serves as User's Guide
                   and as documentation of the new \LaTeX-Style
                   or a \LaTeXe-Class.  This class/style implements
                   a new document layout for writing letters,
                   according to the rules of DIN (Deutsches
                   Institut f\"ur Normung, German standardization
                   institute). The User's Guide is written in
                   German, since we assume the class/style is of
                   minor interest outside Germany.  Of course,
                   most of the macros are explained in English.},
support          = {yes},
comments         = {},
requirements     = {},
incompatibilities = {not full compatible to R. Sengerlings dinbrief}}

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%% End of README
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Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (473.3k).

dinbrief – German letter DIN style

Implements a document layout for writing letters according to the rules of DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung, German standardisation institute). A style file for 2.09 (with limited support of the features) is part of the package. Since the letter layout is based on a German standard, the user guide is written in German, but most macros have English names from which the user can recognize what they are used for. In addition there are example files showing how letters may be created with the package.

A graphical interface for use of the dinbrief is provided in the dinbrief-GUI bundle.

LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerRichard Gussmann
Klaus Dieter Braune (deceased)
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MiKTeX as dinbrief
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