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Directory macros/latex/contrib/cd-cover

		cd-cover class for LaTeX2e
		    Version v1.3 Beta

This is a distribution of my cd-cover class for typesetting 
CD covers.

The distribution file are:

	README		this file.
	cd-cover.dtx	documentation and source file
	cd-cover.ins	bacth file for docstrip

To install this package, do in a temporary directory:
	1) `> tex cd-cover.ins'
	2) move the file `cd-cover.cls' to some diretory seached by
	   LaTeX, e.g. in teTeX:
	   `/usr/lib/texmf/local/tex/latex/cd-cover/', or
	   `%TEXINPUTS%' in DOS.
	3) do 
		`> latex cd-cover.dtx
		 > latex cd-cover.dtx
		 > makeindex -s gind -o cd-cover.ind cd-cover.idx
		 > makeindex -s gglo -o cd-cover.gls cd-cover.glo
		 > latex cd-cover.dtx'
	or whatever appropiate for your system, to produce the

This package is copyright of Christian Holm, but is distributed
under the GNU General Public Lisence.

Happy typesetting :-)

Christian Holm

$Id: README,v 1.2 2002/01/20 17:13:54 cholm Exp $

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (311.3k).

cdcover – Typeset CD covers

The CD-cover class will typeset front and back cover sheets for CD jewel cases, or an entire paper cover, or a label for a plastic slip-cover.

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerChristian Holm Christensen
Contained inTeX Live as cd-cover
MiKTeX as cdcover
See alsocd
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