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The package "babel-japanese" (or shortly, "japanese" package) provides japanese option for Babel package. It defines all the language definition macros in Japanese.


Note that this package is not perfect: the word order in Japanese is different from that in most Western languages including English, so the words like "Part" or "Chapter" cannot be replaced with Japanese counterpart. This limitation is due to the design of classes.dtx (article.cls etc), which has chaptername in front of the numbering but no sequence behind the number.

The common Japanese classes including (u)jclasses in (u)p, jsclasses, ltj(s)classes in Lua-ja are well-supported.


1) Process babel-japanese.ins with some tex engine. For example, using lualatex:

    lualatex babel-japanese.ins

When you use platex, give -kanji=utf8 option.

    platex -kanji=utf8 babel-japanese.ins

You will get japanese.ldf (the main code) and babel-japanese-sample.tex (sample document for p).

2) Process documentation, babel-japanese.dtx and babel-japanese-sample.tex, as you wish. babel-japanese.dtx can be processed with p, up or Lua. babel-japanese-sample.tex is written for p or Lua.

If you use lualatex:

    lualatex babel-japanese.dtx
    lualatex babel-japanese-sample.tex

If you use platex:

    platex -kanji=utf8 babel-japanese.dtx
    dvipdfmx babel-japanese.dvi
    platex -kanji=utf8 babel-japanese-sample.tex
    dvipdfmx babel-japanese-sample.dvi

3) Deploy the directory or files in an appropriate place under the TEXMF tree.

    * japanese.ldf
           => $TEXMF/tex/generic/babel-japanese/
    * babel-japanese.dtx
           => $TEXMF/source/generic/babel-japanese/
    * babel-japanese-sample.tex, japanese.tex and PDF files
           => $TEXMF/doc/generic/babel-japanese/

4) Execute mktexlsr.


The bundle is maintained on GitHub: https://github.com/texjporg/babel-japanese

If you have issues, please let us know from the above page.


Copyright (C) 1999-2007 by ING (Toru Inagaki) Copyright (C) 2016- by Japanese Development Community

This package is free software that can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms of the Project Public License 1.3.

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Japanese Development Community

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (512.6k).

babel-japanese – Babel support for Japanese

This package provides a japanese option for the babel package. It defines all the language definition macros in Japanese.

Currently this package works with p, up, XeLaTeX and Lua.

Version 2021-02-13
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright1999–2007 ING (Toru Inagaki)
2016–2021 Japanese Development Community
MaintainerJapanese Development Community
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