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The Acro eDucation Bundle Author: D. P. Story Dated: 2020-11-20

AeB contains the following:

1) Web Package: Extensive support for page design.

2) Exerquiz Package: Support for creating online interactive exercises and quizzes.

3) eforms Package: Extensive support for Acrobat forms and links

4) dljslib package: A package of JavaScript functions that extends the capability of exerquiz.

5) taborder package: Supports the create of a tab order for form fields.

6) Documentation for AeB (Acro eDucatation Bundle) and eForms (including insdljs and dljslib).

What's New (2020-11-20) Fixed minor, yet critical, bug converning duplicate definition of URI.

What's New (2020-11-11) Added new command SpellCheck, to check the spelling of a fill-in question (exerquiz). Added width, height, scalefactor keys to form fields to rescale fields (eforms).

What's New (2020-03-14) Minor changes that support new features of eqexam.

What's New (2020-01-01) Replace use of count0 with new counter eqtmpcnta, in situation, the value of count0 was leaking out giving incorrect page numbers.

What's New (2019-12-17) Defined InputExrSolnsLevel and InputQzSolnsLevel to make it easy to change the section-type for the solution pages.

What's New (2019-08-13) Use protect when formatting a enhanced preview value. Other minor changes and bug fixes.

What's New (2019-05-24) Added the enhanced preview feature. When in effect along with ordinary preview, captions of buttons and initial values of other fields are viewable in non-conforming PDF readers.

What's New (2019/03/16) minor bug fixes; added bParams/eParams command pair to pass arguments to JS code snippets declared within the defineJS environment. Fixed the spacing problem when dvips is used to compile a doc containing the defineJS environment.

What's New (2018/12/13) More changes in exerquiz to support mi-solns; misc. bug fixes.

What's New (2028/12/05) Some changes in exerquiz to support mi-solns. Require aeb-comment (version 3.2 of comment.sty). The newer versions of comment.sty are incompatible with eqexam (which is supported by exerquiz) and introduces spurious spaces.

What's New (2018/11/27) Some changes to eforms package to support the new icon-appr package.

What's New (2018/08/16) Changes to eforms and insdljs: several keys (eforms) added to support aebmlink and annotpro; switch add to insdljs to detect whether document JS has been included.

What's New (2018/03/22) Changes in eforms to support features of aebmlink. Minor bug fixes

What's New (2018/02/13) Added commands to optionally group each solution when the appear at the end of the file; this applies both exercises and quizzes.

What's New (2017/09/06) Suggested new problem type: "Correcting a math problem", see http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1335 for a demo. Better compatibility with luatex. Minor bug fixes.

What's New (2017-08-08) Support for multi-letter variables, alternate appearances, and interval repetition. The demo file for these features is http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1330

I maintain a web site featuring //PDF stuff called Acro (www.math.uakron.edu/~dpstory/acrotex.html). There you will find the home web page of the Acro eDucation Bundle. (www.math.uakron.edu/~dpstory/webeq.html).

Examples for AeB have been moved to http://www.math.uakron.edu/~dpstory/webeqex.html, another copy of the examples are at http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?cat=89

Additional examples are posted on the Acro Blog page http://www.acrotex.net/blog/

Now, I simply must get back to my retirement.

D. P. Story www.acrotex.net dpstory@uakron.edu dpstory@acrotex.net

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (3.1M).

acrotex – The Acro education bundle

The bundle contains:

  • the web package to redefine page layout to web-friendly dimensions;
  • the exerquiz package for defining on-line exercises and quizzes of various sorts;
  • the eForms package for support of PDF forms;
  • the insdljs package for inserting document-level JavaScript in documents;
  • the dljslib library of JavaScript functions for use with exerquiz; and
  • the eq2db package for converting an exerquiz quiz for processing by a ASP server-side script.

Home pagehttp://www.acrotex.net
Version 2020-11-20
LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright1999–2020 D. P. Story
MaintainerDonald P. Story
Contained inMiKTeX as acrotex
TopicsPDF forms
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