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The Acro eDucation Bundle (AeB) Author: D. P. Story Dated: 2021-10-03

AeB contains the following:

1) web Package: Extensive support for page design.

2) exerquiz Package: Support for creating online interactive exercises and quizzes.

3) eforms Package: Extensive support for Acrobat forms and links

4) dljslib package: A package of JavaScript functions that extends the capability of exerquiz.

5) taborder package: Supports the create of a tab order for form fields.

6) Documentation for AeB (Acro eDucatation Bundle) and eforms (including insdljs and dljslib).

What's New (2021-10-03) exerquiz: In recent versions of AA/AR DC, the rollover display for choice fields (radio fields and checkboxes) has changed. Previously when the mouse rolls over a choice field, the tool tip is displayed. For quizzes, the choice fields have no tool tip, so nothing was displayed. Now, AA/AR DC displays <tool-tip>: export-value>', which reveals information not intended for the student taking that quiz. The exerquiz package is modified to reflect this change. The rollover of radio buttons and check boxes now displays as Choice: a', Choice: b', etc. The word Choice' is the tool tip and lower case letter is the export value. The tool tip for all choice fields of a quizzes can be changed with TUChoice{<text>}, the default is TUChoice{Choice}.

What's New (2021-06-19) Move files out of this distribution to the acrotex-js package, dated 2021/06/19 or later. The folder JavaScript file aeb.js (and aebpro.js) are now distributed with acrotex-js. Installation instructions are now included with that package.

What's New (2021-05-29) exerquiz: Internal changes to Begin Quiz and End Quiz actions to support eq-pin2corr package. Exerquiz now tracks duplication quiz names. Shift-Begin Quiz now clears the quiz without initializing it.

What's New (2021-05-15) exerquiz: Some bug fixes. Defined the new insertAt key of the bChoices command. See http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?tag=enhanced-quizzes for discussion and demo files.

What's New (2021-05-10) web: added navibar option exerquiz: new option usealtadobe is passed to insdljs new option userbmintrvl, see http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1482 shortquiz: Enhanced user experience, see http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1489 and http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1493.

Other new demo files: eqexam: A Matching-type Problem: http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1457 exerquiz Matching-type questions: http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1446 Randomized matching-type questions: http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1449 A spell checking feature: http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1437 insdljs: Exploring the defineJS environment: http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1442

What's New (2021-04-24) exerquiz: Options usemcfi and userbmintrvl, bug fixes. dljslib: Revised useGermanNums, created alias of useDeNums, see http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1039 new option useEnNums, a companion to useDeNums, http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1470

What's New (2021-02-28) exerquiz: bug fix to rbtAAKey. web: removed legacy code.

What's New (2021-02-17) exerquiz: Added an optional fourth argument to the JavaScript function DisplayQuizResults(), this is in support of the eq-pin2corr package.

What's New (2021-02-21) Bug fixes

What's New (2021-02-07) Minor change in the defineJS environment that is critical to a fix in the page events environments of aebpro.

What's New (2021-02-04) Updated documentation to reflect security changes in Acrobat, authored acrobat-in-workflow.pdf to distribute with the AeB.

What's New (2021-01-20) Defined two commands doNotRandomizeChoices and allowRandomizedChoices; these turn off and turn on the randomization of choices in MC and MS questions.

What's New (2020-12-30) exerquiz: Minor bug fixes; converted some inline JS to JS in the defineJS env. eforms: New keys for option list of form macros: rectW, rectH, width, height, scalefactor. Also introduced are textFontDefault, textSizeDefault, and btnSpcr. All form fields and link annotations now obey pdfSpacesOn (and pdfSpacesOff). insdljs: Added Thread and Launch actions; dfnJSCR and dfnJSCRDef. New options of defineJS: makecmt and typeset. Improved the defineJS environment. Refer to http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1442 for a full discussion of the defineJS and all its features.

What's New (2020-11-20) Fixed minor, yet critical, bug converning duplicate definition of URI.

What's New (2020-11-11) Added new command SpellCheck, to check the spelling of a fill-in question (exerquiz). Added width, height, scalefactor keys to form fields to rescale fields (eforms).

What's New (2020-03-14) Minor changes that support new features of eqexam.

What's New (2020-01-01) Replace use of count0 with new counter eqtmpcnta, in situation, the value of count0 was leaking out giving incorrect page numbers.

What's New (2019-12-17) Defined InputExrSolnsLevel and InputQzSolnsLevel to make it easy to change the section-type for the solution pages.

What's New (2019-08-13) Use protect when formatting a enhanced preview value. Other minor changes and bug fixes.

What's New (2019-05-24) Added the enhanced preview feature. When in effect along with ordinary preview, captions of buttons and initial values of other fields are viewable in non-conforming PDF readers.

What's New (2019/03/16) minor bug fixes; added bParams/eParams command pair to pass arguments to JS code snippets declared within the defineJS environment. Fixed the spacing problem when dvips is used to compile a doc containing the defineJS environment.

What's New (2018/12/13) More changes in exerquiz to support mi-solns; misc. bug fixes.

What's New (2028/12/05) Some changes in exerquiz to support mi-solns. Require aeb-comment (version 3.2 of comment.sty). The newer versions of comment.sty are incompatible with eqexam (which is supported by exerquiz) and introduces spurious spaces.

What's New (2018/11/27) Some changes to eforms package to support the new icon-appr package.

What's New (2018/08/16) Changes to eforms and insdljs: several keys (eforms) added to support aebmlink and annotpro; switch add to insdljs to detect whether document JS has been included.

What's New (2018/03/22) Changes in eforms to support features of aebmlink. Minor bug fixes

What's New (2018/02/13) Added commands to optionally group each solution when the appear at the end of the file; this applies both exercises and quizzes.

What's New (2017/09/06) Suggested new problem type: "Correcting a math problem", see http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1335 for a demo. Better compatibility with luatex. Minor bug fixes.

What's New (2017-08-08) Support for multi-letter variables, alternate appearances, and interval repetition. The demo file for these features is http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?p=1330

Examples for AeB have been moved to http://www.math.uakron.edu/~dpstory/webeqex.html, another copy of the examples are at http://www.acrotex.net/blog/?cat=89

Additional examples are posted on the Acro Blog page http://www.acrotex.net/blog/

Now, I simply must get back to my retirement.

D. P. Story www.acrotex.net dpstory at uakron dot edu dpstory at acrotex dot net

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (3.4M).

acrotex – The Acro education bundle

The bundle contains:

  • the web package to redefine page layout to web-friendly dimensions;
  • the exerquiz package for defining on-line exercises and quizzes of various sorts;
  • the eForms package for support of PDF forms;
  • the insdljs package for inserting document-level JavaScript in documents;
  • the dljslib library of JavaScript functions for use with exerquiz; and
  • the eq2db package for converting an exerquiz quiz for processing by a ASP server-side script.

Home pagehttps://www.math.uakron.edu/~dpstory/acrotex.html
Version 2021-10-03
LicensesThe Project Public License
Copyright1999–2021 D. P. Story
MaintainerDonald P. Story (deceased)
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