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The OFS Macro - Olsak's Font System

readme.ofs             ... this file
ofsdoc-e.tex, pdf, ps  ... documentation (English)
ofsdoc.tex, pdf, ps    ... documentation (Czech language)
ofs.tex                ... the OFS macro for plain
ofsdef.tex             ... default declaration file (for plain)
ofs-8z.tex, ofs-8t.tex ... encodings declaration files (for plain)
ofs-<encoding>.tex     ... another encodings declaration files (for plain)
ofstest.tex            ... interactive macro to print samples, 
                           font catalogues, tables etc.
a35.tex                ... declaration file for standard 35 fonts
                           by Adobe (for plain) 
a117.tex               ... declaration file for standard 117 Adobe fonts
ofs.sty                ... the OFS macro for LaTeX
a35.sty                ... declaration file for standard 35 fonts
                           by Adobe (for LaTeX)
amsfn.tex              ... math declaration file for AMS fonts
mtfn.tex, txfn.tex     ... math declaration files for MathTimes and TXfonts
ofs-slt.tex,ps,pdf     ... the article about OFS from SLT 2002 proceedings
examples/              ... directory with examples for OFS (for plain)
storm/                 ... new declaration files for Storm fonts support


The OFS package may be used by everybody without any licension fees.
Everybody can re-distribute this package, if no changes in files
"readme.ofs", "ofs.tex", "ofsdef.tex", "ofs.sty", "ofs-8z.tex",
"ofs-8t.tex", "a35.tex", "a35.sty", "ofsdoc.tex", "ofsdoc-e.tex",
are done and all these files are included in the new
distribution. Only the author has a right to change of these files and
to change of version of this package. If you need to change the
contents of some file mentioned above, you have to rename it. This
package is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT

Prague 08/16/2001                                      Petr Olsak
                                                       the author

The master source of this package maintained by author:


Bug report will be welcome on: 


Makro OFS - Olsakuv Fontovy system

readme.ofs             ... tento soubor
ofsdoc.tex, pdf, ps    ... dokumentace (cesky)
ofsdoc-e.tex, pdf, ps  ... dokumentace (anglicky)
ofs.tex                ... makro OFS pro plain
ofsdef.tex             ... defaultni deklaracni soubor (pro plain)
ofs-8z.tex, ofs-8t.tex ... deklaracni soubory kodovani (pro plain)
ofs-<kodovani>.tex     ... dalsi deklaracni soubory kodovani (pro plain)
ofstest.tex            ... interaktivni makro na tisk vzorku, fontovych
                           katalogu, tabulek atd.
a35.tex                ... deklaracni soubor pro standardnich 35 fontu
                           od Adobe pritomnych v kazdem RIPu (pro plain) 
a117.tex               ... deklaracni soubor pro standardnich 117 Adobe fontu
ofs.sty                ... makro OFS pro LaTeX
a35.sty                ... deklaracni soubor pro standardnich 35 fontu
                           od Adobe pritomnych v kazdem RIPu (pro LaTeX) 
amsfn.tex              ... deklarace matematiky pro AMS fonty
mtfn.tex, txfn.tex     ... deklarace matematiky pro MathTimes a TX fonty
ofs-slt.tex,ps,pdf     ... clanek o OFS ze sborniku SLT 2002
examples/              ... adresar s priklady pro OFS (pro plain)
storm/                 ... nove deklaracni soubory pro Stormovy fonty


Balicek OFS muze pouzivat kdokoli bez licencnich poplatku. Kdokoli je
rovnez muze distribuovat, pokud nezmeni obsah zadneho ze souboru
"readme.ofs", "ofs.tex", "ofsdef.tex", "ofs.sty", "ofs-8z.tex",
"ofs-8t.tex", "a35.tex", "a35.sty", "ofsdoc.tex", "ofsdoc-e.tex" a
vsechny tyto soubory budou v distribuci pritomny. 
Pravo na zmenu uvedenych souboru a tim zmenu verzi zustava vyhradne 
autorovi. Pokud potrebujete zmenit obsah nektereho z uvedenych
souboru, nazvete jej jinak. Balicek je poskytovan s pranim, 
aby byl uzitecny, ale BEZ JAKEKOLI ZARUKY.

V Praze dne 16. 8. 2001                           autor: Petr Olsak

Tento balicek je autorem udrzovan na URL:


Prpominky a upozorneni na chyby jsou vitany na:

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (788.0k).

ofs – Macros for man­ag­ing large font col­lec­tions

OFS (Ol­sak's Font Sys­tem) is a set of Plain and macros for man­ag­ing large font col­lec­tions; it has been used by Czech/Slo­vak users for many years. Main fea­tures in­clude:

  • Map­ping from long names of fonts to the met­ric file name. The user can spec­ify only ex­act long names in doc­u­ments.
  • Sup­port for many font en­cod­ings.
  • Print­ing of cat­a­logues of fonts and test sam­ples of font fam­i­lies; the in­ter­ac­tive macro \show­fonts shows all font fam­i­lies you have in­stalled via OFS.
  • The user in­ter­face is the same for Plain and for , but the im­ple­men­ta­tion dif­fers: the vari­ant of OFS uses NFSS, but the Plain vari­ant im­ple­ments its own font man­age­ment (which may even be bet­ter than NFSS)
  • Sup­port for math fonts in­clud­ing TX fonts.

Home pagehttp://petr.ol­sak.net/ofs.html
Ver­sion 2004-05-31
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Main­tainerPetr Olšák
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