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This module only provides two commands:

  1. \magicsquare typesets a magic square.
  2. \latinsquare typesets a Latin square.

Both \magicsquare and \latinsquare understand the same set of parameters:

   n=5] % and \setupTABLE parameters...

Magic and Latin squares are typesets via natural tables, i.e., by using a \bTABLE ... \eTABLE environment. I'd rather use setups, but it'd clash with another key already taken by \setupTABLE.

Currently only two rendering setups are available: none (it does nothing), and color (cells colorfully painted across the HSV hue range). I promise more setups will be available soon, though.

You might be more impatient and want to define your own. So, this is how:

% Idk, something like this?
% \setupTABLE[r][odd][background=color,backgroundcolor=red]
% For natural table tuning, see https://wiki.contextgarden.net/TABLE
% etc.


Caveat emptor: this module is only for Cont LMTX. I no longer use Cont MKIV, so no support is provided, sorry. Moreover, I'm using cutting-edge features, such as new macro extensions. An updated distribution is recommended.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (6.5k).

context-squares – Typesetting Magic and Latin squares

The package provides typesetting of magic and latin squares.

Version 2023-08-01
LicensesMIT License
Copyright2023 Jairo A. del Rio
MaintainerJairo A. del Rio
Contained inTeX Live as context-squares
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