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PLease read CopyrightLong file before proceeding.

TeluguTeX enables you to typeset Telugu text using TeX/LaTex
family of software. This package mainly contains two sets of 
programs. One set is used to create symbols used in composing
Telugu text. These programs are written in METAFONT. The other
set of programs use these symbols as componants to assemble
Telugu text. These programs are written in TeX (macros). Once
you have generated the fonts for the sizes and styles that you
need you do not have to worry about the METAFONT programs( unless
the output device changes). But you will always need the TeX
programs to typeset Telugu text.

Following is a list of files in this package:

 CopyrightLong   - copyright notice. MUST BE READ
 CopyrightSources- copyright notice that appears in source files
 telugu.mf       - defines font dimensions
 telparam.mf     - defines parameters
 telbase.mf      - contains macros for commonly occuring shapes
 telmode.mf      - contains mode for the output device
 telcodes.mf     - defines codes for all the symbols in the font
 telchars1.mf    - contains program to generate vowels, consanant bases,
                   vowel modifiers, consonant conjuncts and accents
 telchars2.mf    - contains proggrams to generate consonant+vowel
                   combinations that need new symbols
 telchars3.mf    - contains programs to generate roman digits, telugu
                   digits and punctuation symbols
 telfonts.awk    - contains size/style specific parameters
 makefile        - use this to generate the font(s)
 README          - you are reading this file
 VERSION         - This is the place to look if you want to know
                   the version identification/history of changes
 document.tex    - documentation( extracted from Lakshmi Mukkavilli's
                   M.S report and modified)
 tlxlate.tex     - implements transliteration
 tlsyllable.tex  - composes a syllable
 tlteldigits.tex - defines telugu digits

Next let us worry about installing TeluguTeX:

Font contains 233 symbols. You need large METAFONT to generate
these symbols.
To typeset Telugu you need Big TeX. Typesetting Telugu is a very
CPU intensive job. 

It is assumed that you are installing TeluguTeX under UNIX(tm).
If you are installing TeluguTeX under UNIX(tm)
then you can skip rest of this paragraph.
METAFONT and TeX programs in this package are not dependent on UNIX,
but make and awk programs are needed.
If you do not have these programs then you will have to
do some work. You will have to extract various parameter files from
telfonts.awk and execute METAFONT on each parameter file. You will 
be essentially executing steps in makefile manually.
Each parameter file in telfonts.awk begins with the pattern '%fontfilename%'
and ends with a line containing just two % symbols('%%').
Some non-UNIX(tm) system limit the length of file names. On these
systems you may have to rename some of the files.

Steps in installation:

  1. define mode for the output device in telmode.mf
  2. copy tlsyllable.tex, tlxlate.tex and tlteldigits.tex to a  
     directory from where TeX can read \input files.
  3. copy following files to the directory that will contain
     the font files that you will generate.
        all .mf files
        makefile (make sure that the destination directory does not
                  contain  'makefile'.)
  4. goto the directory to which all .mf files have been copied.
  5. edit makefile
      a. change DPI to reflect the characteristics of of the
         output device.
      b. If you do not want to generate ALL fonts then define
         MYFONTS object listing the size/style combinations
         that you want. If you do not include all 12 size
         fonts then you can not print the documentation. 
         Please read comments at the top of 'makefile'.
         Towards the end of this file we have included a list
         giving approximate sizes of various font(pk) files.
         You may want to look at that to get an idea about the
         storage requirement.
  6. If you have not decided to generate ALL fonts then
     edit tlsyllable.tex to comment out those font definitions
     that invoke the font(s) that you have chosen to omit.
     You can do this by inserting a '%' sign in column one.
  7. Enter 'make all' or 'make myfonts' depending on what you
     decided in step 5.b .
     'make all' on SUN SPARCstation IPC takes about an hour.
  8. as a result of 'make ..' tloffsets.tex must have been 
     created. copy this file to the same directory as tlsyllable.tex.
  9. print TeluguTex.tex  (enter latex TeluguTeX)
     look at the examples.                  

  A note from the authors:

    we hope you will find this package useful for typesetting
    Telugu. TeluguTeX was developed by us when we were at
    Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA.
    Please direct your criticism/comments about TeluguTeX to
    email:      lzk60@css.amdahl.com
    snailmail:  915 Almaden Avenue
                Sunnyvale, CA  94086  USA
    Amount of time we can spend on TeluguTeX is fairly limited,
    so please do not expect a prompt response.
    If you have questions about METAFONT, TeX, LaTeX, drivers etc.
    you should turn elsewhere. We assume that you know how to
    generate fonts using METAFONT, how to use TeX/LaTeX and
    how to produce output on whatever device you may have. 

              Happy TeluguTeXing,

                             Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli
                             Lakshmi Mukkavilli

 file            size(bytes)             file            size(bytes)
-----------      ---                    -----------      ----
CopyrightLong	 8072			tel20b.300pk	 20860
CopyrightSources 896			tel20b.tfm	 1544
document.tex	 69654			tel20s.300pk	 21484
makefile	 3750			tel20s.tfm	 1544
tel10.300pk	 10748			tel25.300pk	 27004
tel10.tfm	 1532			tel25.tfm	 1548
tel100.300pk	 140600			tel25b.300pk	 26644
tel100.tfm	 1556			tel25b.tfm	 1548
tel10b.300pk	 9788			tel25s.300pk	 27976
tel10b.tfm	 1532			tel25s.tfm	 1548
tel10nx.300pk	 10264			tel30.300pk	 33296
tel10nx.tfm	 1532			tel30.tfm	 1552
tel10ny.300pk	 9888			tel30s.300pk	 35912
tel10ny.tfm	 1532			tel30s.tfm	 1552
tel10s.300pk	 10484			tel35.300pk	 39608
tel10s.tfm	 1532			tel35.tfm	 1556
tel11.300pk	 10752			tel35s.300pk	 44600
tel11.tfm	 1532			tel35s.tfm	 1556
tel11b.300pk	 11208			tel40.300pk	 50356
tel11b.tfm	 1532			tel40.tfm	 1552
tel11nx.300pk	 11652			tel40s.300pk	 53600
tel11nx.tfm	 1532			tel40s.tfm	 1552
tel11ny.300pk	 10836			tel55.300pk	 75328
tel11ny.tfm	 1532			tel55.tfm	 1556
tel11s.300pk	 11612			tel55s.300pk	 79980
tel11s.tfm	 1532			tel55s.tfm	 1556
tel12.300pk	 11840			tel72.300pk	 101172
tel12.tfm	 1536			tel72.tfm	 1556
tel12b.300pk	 12184			telspa.300pk	 34472
tel12b.tfm	 1536			telspa.tfm	 1556
tel12nx.300pk	 12300			telspb.300pk	 129220
tel12nx.tfm	 1536			telspb.tfm	 1556
tel12ny.300pk	 11504			telspc.300pk	 114644
tel12ny.tfm	 1536			telspc.tfm	 1556
tel12s.300pk	 13484
tel12s.tfm	 1536			CopyrightLong	 8072
tel15.300pk	 15884			CopyrightSources 896
tel15.tfm	 1548			document.tex	 69654
tel15b.300pk	 15468			makefile	 3750
tel15b.tfm	 1548			telbase.mf	 29160
tel15s.300pk	 15648			telchars1.mf	 30370
tel15s.tfm	 1548			telchars2.mf	 15885
tel172.300pk	 264156			telchars3.mf	 17198
tel172.tfm	 1556			telcodes.mf	 10004
tel18.300pk	 19168			telfonts.awk	 9982
tel18.tfm	 1540			telmode.mf	 992
tel18b.300pk	 18868			telparam.mf	 7202
tel18b.tfm	 1540			telugu.mf	 1912
tel18s.300pk	 19116			tloffsets.tex	 9650
tel18s.tfm	 1540			tlsyllable.tex	 34188
tel20.300pk	 21028			tlteldigits.tex  1781
tel20.tfm	 1544			tlxlate.tex	 8251

(These sizes are not accurate. Files may have changed since these
 sizes were recorded.)

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (152.1k).

telugu – Support for writing the Telugu Language

Telugu is Support for writing the Telugu Language, comprising fonts and macros.

LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
Copyright1991 Lakshmankumar Mukkavilli
MaintainerLakshmankumar Mukkavilli
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