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MonTeX, Implementation Level IVu

Authors: Oliver Corff, Dorjpalam Dorj

         Please report bugs and errors to


1) Introduction
2) Installation
3) Documentation

1) Introduction

This is the first public release of MonTeX, Implementation Level IV,
which includes:

- Full page vertical mode for Classical Mongolian
- Simplified Classical Mongolian input methods
- Manju
- Mongol fonts (of course)
- Manju fonts (self-understood)
- Non-specific bicig glyph container (bxg... fonts)
- Experimental Unicode support

2) Installation

Please remove all remainders of former MonTeX installations before
installing MonTeX, Implementation Level IVu.

Before doing anything else, run elatex on the file mls-diag.tex.

Read and follow the instructions, if any (this is a dynamic 
document the displayed contents of which depends on your system

You MUST have elatex (not only latex) to exploit the full potential
of MonTeX, Implementation Level IV.

On tetex-based systems, the name should be elatex.

emtex users: Read and follow instructions in EMTEX. Note that emtex
		does not provide advanced services like elatex.

MikTeX users: Read and follow instructions in MIKTEX (Note: These 
		may be outdated)

tetex users: Installation notes are contained in INSTALL

3) Documentation

The main documentation is kept in ../doc/montex.tex which is also
available as PostScript and as PDF file.

A quick introduction, with examples and text gleaned from
montex.tex, is mlsquick.tex.

An example of a pure Mongolian document is found in

OC, July 2002
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