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                 The Ibycus-Babel interface
                version 3.0 as of 2005-11-23
                     Peter Heslin    p.j.heslin(at)dur.ac.uk
                     Walter Schmidt   w-a-schmidt(at)gmx.net

This package provides a way of integrating the Ibycus font
for polytonic Greek and other fonts with the same encoding
into the standard Babel language framework for LaTeX.  It
provides for automatic hyphenation of Greek in the Ibycus

What's new in version 3.0 ?
Use of alternative typefaces with Ibycus encoding is
The hyphenation patterns (file ibyhyph.tex) were corrected
to fix a bug regarding the use of "lunate sigmas".
The macro code includes a workaround to avoid the bug

1) You must have installed the Ibycus fonts.  (The related
macros are, however, not needed.)

2) LaTeX must be based upon an eTeX program, rather than on 
`ordinary' TeX.

Installing the hyphenation patterns
The file ibyhyph.tex provides the hyphenation patterns for
the Greek language with the particular encoding of the
Ibycus fonts.  

Store the file in a directory where LaTeX will find it.  To
make LaTeX actually use it, edit the configuration file for
the hyphenation patterns.  Most likely, the file has the
name "language.dat" in your TeX system.  Add the following
line to this file:

ibycus         ibyhyph

Thus, you establish a relation between the language name
"ibycus" and the file name "ibyhyph.tex".  Update the
filename database (if applicable) and create a new LaTeX
format file, which will use the additional hyphenation
patterns.  If you do not know how to do this, check the
documentation of your TeX distribution, or consult the FAQ
at http://www.tex.ac.uk/cgi-bin/texfaq2html?label=formatstymy

ibyhyph.tex was generated from a set of Greek hyphenation
patterns for LGR encoding, using the Perl script ibyhyph.pl
and adding further patches affecting the processing of the
"lunate sigma".  The script ibyhph.pl is part of the
distribution for reference puposes only; it is not needed by
the TeX system.

| Since the pattern file has changed with version 3.0, 
| you must update this file and re-make the LaTeX format, 
| even if you have installed a previous release of the
| Ibycus-Babel interface already.

Installing the macro files
Store the documented source file ibycus-babel.dtx, the
related installation script ibycus-babel.ins and the file
ibyhyph.pl in an appropriate directory of your TeX system,
e.g., in texmf/source/latex/ibycus-babel.

In this directory, run the installation script
ibycus-babel.ins through LaTeX:  

  latex ibycus-babel.ins

Doing so will create the following files:

Move them to a directory, where LaTeX can find them, e.g.,

| If you have installed the previous version 1.5, remove
| ibycus.ldf from the directory texmf/tex/generic/babel,
| where it used to be installed automatically.

Finally, update the filename database (if applicable).

Use of the Ibycus-babel interface is described in the
document ibycus-babel.pdf.  Store it in an appropriate
directory of your TeX system.

Compile the file ibycus-babel-test.tex.  Examine the printed 
result, and check the list of possible hyphenation points in 
the log file.  You can see if these match those given in the 
comments in the source of ibycus-babel-test.tex, near the
end of the file.

-- finis

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (71.4k).

ibycus-babel – Use the Ibycus 4 Greek font with Babel

The package allows you to use the Ibycus 4 font for ancient Greek with Babel. It uses a Perl script to generate hyphenation patterns for Ibycus from those for the ordinary Babel encoding, cbgreek. It sets up ibycus as a pseudo-language you can specify in the normal Babel manner. For proper hyphenation of Greek quoted in mid-paragraph, you should use it with elatex (all current distributions of are built with e-, so the constraint should not be onerous).

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