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                The Book    : "Adim Adim LaTeX" (�Step by Step LaTeX�), 
                The language:  Turkish
                Volume      :  1
		Authors     :  Rakhimov A.A. and Kesemen O.
                Public. date:  2004 
                Publishing house: Derya Kitabevi, Trabzon, Turkey.

In brief about the book: 
It is the first book in Turkish language which in detail describes (La)TeX.
In the book all the information (from the very beginning) on (La)TeX is given. 
In the book authors have tried to explain this program on a simple language.
All explanations are accompanied from set by examples.
In the book are stated such the important topics as "LATEX Concepts" (Environments and commands; Classes and packages),
"Document structure"(Counters and Length parameters;Document and page organisation; Pagebreaks, footnotes, etc),
"Environments" (Listing Items; Tabular; Pictures; Figures; Tabbing, etc),
"Packages"(amsfont, amsmath, cite, eucal, hyperref, etc), "Bibliographies and indexes" and "Math into LATEX".
Future prospect:
Recently, by authors it is published the second volume of the book. 
Since it on sale, we cannot put it in the Internet yet.
But, in the future we plan also it to put in the web-page. 
The second volume of the book is devoted program appendices. 
The basic Topics of the book are: "Graphics with LaTeX", "The LaTeX Graphics bundle", 
"Working with Matafont and MetaPost" and "The world of color".

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.0M).

turk­ish­in­tro – An in­tro­duc­tion to , in Turk­ish

The present re­lease com­prises only vol­ume 1.

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