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Examples from The Companion, 3rd edition


This repository contains all examples from The Companion, third edition:

  • the source files with the extensions .ltx or .ltx2
  • the resulting pdfs as used in the book (with spot color and trimmed)
  • support files, such as images or a specially prepared .toc file used in the examples
  • the class files used (but with the spotcolor support placed after \endinput, thus not active by default)

Processing the examples

If you reprocess the examples yourself, the result will look slightly different, because you will get normal colors, no trimming, and possibly more than one page even if only one is shown in the book.

Some examples that may not be processable

There are a few examples that may not work for you out of the box, typically because they use fonts that you have to install yourself because they are not part of Live — either because they are commercial (i.e., using Lucida fonts) and are therefore not part of a standard distribution or because the fonts need to be installed by the user to be license complient (e.g., the Fell fonts).

These are:

  • 9-3-16.ltx
  • 10-10-1.ltx
  • 10-11-1.ltx
  • 10-12-1.ltx
  • 10-2-1.ltx
  • 10-2-2.ltx
  • 10-2-3.ltx
  • 10-2-4.ltx
  • 10-5-1.ltx
  • 10-5-2.ltx
  • 10-8-2.ltx
  • 10-9-3.ltx
  • 10-9-4.ltx
  • 12-1-9.ltx
  • 12-24-fig.ltx
  • 12-3-1.ltx
  • 16-8-1.ltx2

Special style files

We have used modified versions of a few style files while producing the examples in the book. These are

  • showhyphenation-tlc3-spotcolor.lua a spotcolor-aware version of showhyphen.lua
  • layout-tlc3-special.sty a special version of layout.sty to show slightly more data

All examples should process correctly without making use of the modified styles unless you want to reproduce the spotcolor results (in which case you also have to alter the class files) or the extended layout diagrams.


All example files and their support files are distributed under LPPL 1.3c.


  • The file I.pdf by Jakub Jankiewicz is in the public domain (taken from https://openclipart.org/)
  • The files longlife.jpg and longlife-grayscale.jpg are by Frank Mittelbach and are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (82.4M).

tlc3-examples – All examples from “The Companion”, third edition

The PDFs (as used with spotcolor and trimming) and sources for all examples from the third edition (Parts I+II), together with necessary supporting files. The edition is published by Addison-Wesley, 2023, ISBN-13: 978-0-13-816648-9, ISBN-10: 0-13-816648-X (bundle of Part I & II).

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LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
MaintainerFrank Mittelbach
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