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pst-func: plot­ting spe­cial math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions

  • psBezier
  • Che­by­shev poly­no­mi­als
  • psPoly­no­mial (with deriva­tions)
  • psBern­stein (with en­ve­lope op­tion)
  • psFourier
  • psBes­sel
  • psSi and pssi (in­te­gral sin)
  • psCi and psci (in­te­gral cosin)
  • psIn­te­gral
  • psCumIn­te­gral
  • psConv
  • psGauss
  • psPois­son
  • psBi­no­mial
  • psBi­no­mi­alN
  • psFDist for F-dis­tri­bu­tion
  • psGam­maDist
  • psChiIIDist
  • psTDist for Stu­dent's t-dis­tri­bu­tion
  • psBe­taDist for Beta dis­tri­bu­tion
  • psWeibull for Weibull dis­tri­bu­tion
  • psLame (Lamé Curve - a su­perel­lipse)
  • psThomae (pop­corn func­tion)
  • psWeier­strass (orig­i­nal and mod­i­fied)
  • psplotImp (plot­ting im­plicit de­fined func­tions)
  • psVol­ume (ro­tat­ing f(x) around the x-axis)
  • psPrin­tValue

%% This pro­gram can be re­dis­tributed and/or mod­i­fied un­der the terms %% of the Project Public Li­cense Distributed from CTAN archives %% in di­rec­tory macros/la­tex/base/lppl.txt.

Save the files pst-func.sty|pro|tex in a di­rec­tory, which is part of your lo­cal tree. The pro file should go into $TEXMF/dvips/pstricks/ Then do not for­get to run tex­hash to up­date this tree.

pst-func needs pst-plot (pstricks-add) and pstricks, which should be part of your lo­cal in­stal­la­tion, oth­er­wise get it from a CTAN server, http://mir­ror.ctan.org

PSTricks is PostScript Tricks, the doc­u­men­ta­tion can­not be run with pdf­tex, use the se­quence la­tex->dvips->ps2pdf or pdfla­tex with pack­age auto-pst-pdf or xe­la­tex.

%% $Id: README 897 2014-03-21 08:06:41Z her­bert $

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (3.4M).

pst-func – PSTricks pack­age for plot­ting math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions

The pack­age is built for use with PSTricks. It pro­vides macros for plot­ting and ma­nip­u­lat­ing var­i­ous math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions:

  • poly­no­mi­als and their deriva­tives f(x)=an*x^n+an-1*x^(n-1)+...+a0 de­fined by the co­ef­fi­cients a0 a1 a2 ... and the deriva­tive or­der;
  • the Fourier sum f(x) = a0/2+a1­cos(omega x)+...+b1sin(omega x)+... de­fined by the co­ef­fi­cients a0 a1 a2 ... b1 b2 b3 ...;
  • the Bes­sel func­tion de­fined by its or­der;
  • the Gauss func­tion de­fined by sigma and mu;
  • Bézier curves from or­der 1 (two con­trol points) to or­der 9 (10 con­trol points);
  • the su­perel­lipse func­tion (the Lamé curve);
  • Che­by­shev poly­no­mi­als of the first and sec­ond kind;
  • the Thomae (or pop­corn) func­tion;
  • the Weier­strass func­tion;
  • var­i­ous in­te­gra­tion-de­rived func­tions;
  • nor­mal, bi­no­mial, pois­son, gamma, chi-squared, stu­dent’s t, F, beta, Cauchy and Weibull dis­tri­bu­tion func­tions and the Lorenz curve;
  • the ze­roes of a func­tion, or the in­ter­me­di­ate point of two func­tions;
  • the Va­sicek func­tion for de­scrib­ing the evo­lu­tion of in­ter­est rates; and
  • im­plicit func­tions.

The plots may be gen­er­ated as vol­umes of ro­ta­tion about the X-axis, as well.

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