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Files: threeddice.mp, threeddice-doc.tex, threeddice-doc.pdf


  The file threeddice.mp consists of MetaPost code to produce pictures of
  dice with one, two, or three faces visible.


  This material is subject to the LaTeX Project Public Licence. See 
  for the details of that licence.


  Run mpost on threeddice.mp. If your mpost has version at least 0.9, 
  this will produce 26 EPS files named die3d-1.mps through 
  die3d-456.mps. If your mpost is too old the filenames will be threeddice.1 
  through threeddice.456.

  The digits indicate which faces are showing. For two digits, the first 
  digit represents the face on top, the second represents the front face 
  (visually below the first). For three digits, the first is the face on 
  top, the second is the face below and left of that, and the third is 
  below and right.

  These files can be included in a LaTeX document using the graphics or
  graphicx package, or in a plain TeX document using miniltx + graphicx, 
  or the epsf macros.

  See threeddice-doc.pdf for complete documentation. It may be 
  regenerated by running mpost of threeddice.mp followed by running 
  pdflatex (once) on threeddice-doc.tex.

Dan Luecking
luecking AT-SIGN uark DOT edu

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (117.2k).

threeddice – Create images of dice with one, two, or three faces showing, using

The package provides code to create all possible symmetrical views (up to rotation) of a right-handed die. Configuration is possible by editing the source code, following the guidance in the documentation.

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