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Directory graphics/gnuplot/5.2.6

       		Gnuplot Version 5.2 Patchlevel 6
			(January 2019)

Version 5.2.6 is an incremental release in the stable 5.2 series
containing bug fixes and a few new features back-ported from the
development version.

The most noteworthy bug fix in 5.2.6 improves the handling of
"pause mouse" by the x11, wxt, and qt terminals.

    gnuplot-5.2.6.tar.gz 	source files for all operating systems
    gnuplot.pdf	          	User Manual
    ReleaseNotes_5_2_6.html	release notes

Binary packages for Windows (64-bit)
    gp526-win64-mingw.7z        complete package (mingw)
    gp526-win64-mingw_2.exe     binary self-installer (mingw) 

Binary packages for Windows (32-bit)
    gp526-win32-mingw.7z        complete package (mingw)
    gp526-win32-mingw_2.exe     binary self-installer (mingw)

Description of binary distribution for Windows
    README-Windows.txt          Description of binary distribution for Windows
    README-Windows-ja.txt       Japanese translation of the above

    7zip File manager (for 7z) is available at https://www.7-zip.org/
    Windows binary packages include renamed fontconfig (e.g. fc-cache-gp) utilities in the bin folder.
    Re-package binary self-installer due to lack of fontconfig (e.g. fc-cache-gp) utilities

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