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This package degrades JPEG images on the fly to a given resolution to decrease
the size of the resulting PostScript or PDF file.

You'll need the convert utility from the ImageMagick bundle and the jpeg2ps
program from CTAN if you don't use VTeX. Because of the script "degrade.sh"
this package works only on Unix-like systems.

Put the script "degrade.sh" in your $PATH and make it executable.
Put "degrade.sty" in a place where TeX can find it.

Known keys are:
* res to set the resolution in dpi (default=100, example: res=300)
* dir to set the directory where to put the resized jpeg files
* sdir to set the directory where images should be found in general
  (default: current directory)

\degimage[w|h]{width or height}{image}
Use this instead of \includegraphics to include your image.
example 1: \degimage{\linewidth}{flower},
example 2: \degimage[h]{0.5\textheight}{power}

Peter M�nster, email: pmrb at free.fr

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (2.4k).

de­grade – De­grade JPEG im­ages on the fly, prior to in­clu­sion

De­grade is a pack­age that de­grades JPEG im­ages on the fly to de­crease the size of the re­sult­ing PostScript or PDF file. It uses the con­vert util­ity from the ImageMag­ick bun­dle as well as jpeg2ps (if you're pro­duc­ing PostScript out­put).

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See also context-degrade
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