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a2ac, ver. 2, Juni 1995,  Petr Olsak (Ol\v{s}\'ak), olsak@math.feld.cvut.cz

The program a2ac (Afm To Afm plus Composites) enables to use
PostScript fonts while typesetting texts in languages where accented
letters are used. The font doesn't need to contain complete alphabet
of a given language; the presence of mere accents themselves (no whole
accented characters) is sufficient. The configuration files of the
a2ac program are independent on the PostScript font encoding and on
the typesetting system encoding. The program may be used to prepare a
font for any typesetting system, but only \TeX{} was tested. Program
was compiled for operation systems SUN OS, Linux and on DOS. May be, the
program will work in others systems with C compiler.

This package included following files:

a2ac.c       ... the source text in C language
a2ac.exe     ... the executable for DOS
a2ac-eng.doc ... the English documentation
a2ac-cz.doc  ... the Czech documentation
cscorr.tab   ... an example of config file for a2ac (for Czech and Slovak)
xl2.enc      ... enc file for afm2tfm (\rm-like CS-encoding)
xt2.enc      ... enc file for afm2tfm (\tt-like CS-encoding)
mkfnt        ... a UNIX script for font preparing for TeX (CS-encoding)
mkallfnt     ... a UNIX script prepares 32 standard PostScript font
test.tex     ... test for 32 standard PostScript font in Czech and Slovak.
README       ... this file

Program can be compiled in UNIX-like systems by the following line:

cc a2ac.c -lm -o a2ac

The make file is not necessary.

Copyright: Program can be free used and distributed if the package is
complete, i.e. all 11 files mentioned above are present without changes.
The program cannot be included into greater packages without author's

The bug reports send me to my addres olsak@math.feld.cvut.cz, please.

Notice: An article about this program was sent to TUG-boat editor and czech
variant to TeXbulletin editor.

Known bugs: The UNIX man page is not present now.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (77.5k).

a2ac – AFM to AFM plus Com­pos­ites

En­ables the use of PostScript fonts while type­set­ting texts in lan­guages where in­flected let­ters are used. The font will typ­i­cally not con­tain the com­plete al­pha­bet of a given lan­guage; the pro­gram will de­rive com­pos­ite glyph struc­tures us­ing ac­cent glyphs, and out­put their de­tails in the de­rived AFM file.

The con­fig­u­ra­tion files of the pro­gram are in­de­pen­dent of the PostScript font en­cod­ing and of the type­set­ting sys­tem en­cod­ing. The pro­gram may be used to pre­pare a font for any type­set­ting sys­tem, es­pe­cially .

Li­cense Li­cense that pre­vents dis­tri­bu­tion
Main­tainerPetr Olšák
Topics pro­cess fonts for use with (in­cludes in­stal­la­tion)
See also accfonts
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