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The Implementation of the Universal font

Version 2.1, 2019/08/26

by Christian Holm

This is the universal package containing my implementation of Herbert Bayers universal' font in Metafont, with LaTeX2e support.


Using Autotools

autoreconf -i -f 
make install

By hand

To install the package do:

  1. Make sure you have created the following directories:
Where _TeX-base_ is the root of you TeX installation. The most
common values of _TeX-base_ is
	/usr/local/lib/texmf (teTeX on Unix-like systems)
	C:\EMTEX             (emTeX on DOS-like systems)
 but could also be something like:
	/home/johndoe/lib/texmf  (user installation on Unix-like systems)
	D:\Program Files\TeX     (Some wierd Windows95 installation)
  1. Put the files universa.ins' and universa.dtx' in some temporary directory.
  1. Do
  2. latex universa.ins
    1. If you docstrip program is set up correctly, that is, docstrip.cfg exists and contains the line
    2. \BaseDirectory{<TeX-base>}
   then all files will be put in the right directories, and you
   need to do nothing more.
2. If no `docstrip.cfg' is present on the system, then you need to
   move the files your self. You should move the files as
   specified below:
		*.mf       => <TeX-base>/fonts/source/public/universa/
		*.fd       => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
		uni.sty    => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
		unidoc.sty => <TeX-base>/doc/latex/universa/
		copyright  => <TeX-base>/doc/latex/universa/
4. In any case you need to move the files below as specified
		universa.dtx    => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
		universa.ins    => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
		README.md       => <TeX-base>/tex/latex/universa/
  so that you can produce the documentation. You can of course
  compress those file to save disk space.
  1. If you are using some distribution that has a database (that is proberly the case if your distribution uses kpathsea'), youshould update that database.
  1. To produce the documentation go to the directory where you put unidoc, i.e., <TeX-base>/doc/latex/universa/, and do
  2. latex universa.dtx
    latex universa.dtx
    makeindex -s gind -o uni.ind uni.idx
    makeindex -s gglo -o uni.gls uni.glo
    latex universa.dtx
    latex universa.dtx
  3. This should leave you with a file uni.dvi (or uni.pdf). You can remove the files
  4. uni.idx uni.glo uni.log uni.aux uni.toc uni.ilg uni.out
You may need to substitute `makeindex` with what is relevant for
your system, e.g., `makeindx` in emTeX.

I hope you will enjoy this package.

Please read the file copyright in the documentation directory, for the copyright notice.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (671.3k).

universa – Herbert Bayer’s ‘universal’ font

An implementation of the “universal” font by Herbert Bayer of the Bauhaus school. The sources of the fonts, and their support, are all supplied in a documented source (.dtx) file.

Version2.1 2018-08-26
LicensesGNU General Public License
Copyright1998 Christian Holm
MaintainerChristian Holm Christensen
Contained inTeX Live as universa
MiKTeX as universa
TopicsProportional Font
MF Font
Sans Font
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