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From:           Peter.Vanroose@esat.kuleuven.ac.be
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Subject:        Re: Calligra
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One of my first (and I must admit, the only successful) tries with metafont,
several years ago, (1987 ?) resulted in a calligraphic font.  It worked for our
matrix printer at that time (180 dpi?)  However, I never succeeded in really
having it produce 300 dpi or whatever.  Maybe someone wants to give it a try?

MJP>> Seems OK at 300dpi

It was said at that time that the output resembles my own hand writing.
Of course, I shaped the letters after my writing, but apart from giving it
reference points, I let Metafont do the big work of doing the roundings.
All letters `match' each other in that they end where the next one begins.
(There are some minor exceptions to this, but that also applies to my own

The relevant files are:
script.mf	--	contains all the essential METAFONT code (460 lines)
script10.mf	--	for producing the 10pt font (4 lines)
scriptb10.mf	--	for producing the bold 10pt font (4 lines)

--                               Peter Vanroose
                                 Electrotechnical Department, ESAT
                                 K.U. Leuven, Belgium.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (3.9k).

script-font – Handwriting font

A font that “resembles the author’s handwriting”, distributed as source.

Version 1995-01-13
MaintainerPeter Vanroose
TopicsCalligraphic Font
MF Font
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