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written by Basil Solomykov, Russia

Font "Obyknovennaya Novaya", english and cyrillic letters. Shapes: normal, italic, bold, bold italic, slanted and small caps. The font is supplied as MetaFont source.
If there are some troubles, feedbacks or ideas how to improve this package, please write to solvasya@yandex.ru
For correct work you need to install package 'texlive-lang-cyrillic'.
The Obyknovennaya Novaya (Ordinary New Face) typeface was widely used in the USSR for scientific and technical publications, as well as textbooks.

(C) Copyright 2011 LPPL (LaTeX Project Public License)

Font Ordinary New (Obyknovennaya novaya)

Description of files:

obn7.mf, obn10.mf, obn12.mf, obn17.mf		: metafont source files for normal shape, size 7,10,12,17pt;
obnb7.mf, obnb10.mf, obnb12.mf, obnb17.mf	: metafont source files for bold shape, size 7,10,12,17pt;
obnit7.mf, obnit10.mf, obnit12.mf, obnit17.mf	: metafont source files for italic shape, size 7,10,12,17pt;
obnitb10.mf, obnitb12.mf, obnitb17.mf		: metafont source files for bold italic shape, size 10,12,17pt;
obnsl7.mf, obnsl10.mf, obnsl12.mf, obnsl17.mf	: metafont source files for slanted shape, size 7,10,12,17pt;

obn_lcyw_code.mf				: file for LCYW codetable;

lcywobn.fd					: *.fd file for LaTeX;

lcyw.cmap					: *.cmap file for LaTeX;

example_obn.tex					: file of the examples of font;

example_obn.pdf					: file of the examples of font in PDF.

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.3M).

ob­nov – Oby­knoven­naya No­vaya fonts

The Oby­knoven­naya No­vaya (Or­di­nary New Face) type­face was widely used in the USSR for sci­en­tific and tech­ni­cal pub­li­ca­tions, as well as text­books.

The fonts are en­coded to KOI8-R (which is a long-es­tab­lished Rus­sian font en­cod­ing, rather than a / en­cod­ing). To use the fonts, the user needs Cyril­lic font sup­port.

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