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This is the README for the Gudea package, version 0.0.1 (2021/01/09).
This package provides LaTeX, pdfLaTeX support for the Gudea family of fonts, 
designed by Agustina Mingote. 

To use, add


to the preamble of your document. These will activate Gudea
as the text font. 

Options scaled=<number> or scale=<number> may be used to scale the fonts.

Font encodings supported are OT1, T1, LY1.

The original TrueType fonts were obtained from


and are licensed under the SIL Open Font License, version
1.1; the text may be found in the doc directory. The type1
versions were created using cfftot1. The support files were
created using autoinst and are licensed under the terms of
the LaTeX Project Public License. The maintainer of this
package is Carl-Clemens Ebinger at post(at)ebinger(dot)cc.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (263.9k).

gudea – The Gudea font face with support for and pdf

This package provides the Gudea family of fonts designed by Agustina Mingote, with support for and pdf.

Home pagehttps://github.com/ccebinger/CTAN_Gudea
Bug trackerhttps://github.com/ccebinger/CTAN_Gudea
LicensesThe Project Public License
The SIL Open Font License
MaintainerCarl-Clemens Ebinger
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MiKTeX as gudea
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