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GFSNeohellenicMath (version 1.0)

The font GFSNeohellenicMath was commissioned to the Greek Font Society (GFS) 
by the Graduate Studies program "Studies in Mathematics" of the 
Department of Mathematics of the University of the Aegean, 
located on the Samos island, Greece.

The design copyright belongs to the main designer of GFS, George Matthiopoulos. 
The OpenType Math Table embedded in the font was developed by the 
Mathematics Professor Antonis Tsolomitis.

The font is released under the latest OFL license, and it is available from 
the GFS site at http://www.greekfontsociety-gfs.gr

The font is an almost Sans Serif font and one of its main uses is for presentations, 
an area where (we believe) a commercial grade sans math font was not available up to now.

The font contains an extened glyph set including more than the standard math symbols 
such as vertically extended integrals, chess symbols, etc. Vertically extended integrals 
are useful for large constructions although they are still not accessible by 
unicode-math (developement of this feature is in the works). To facilitate 
access to these symbols a style file is included (gfsneohllenicot.sty). 
Larger integrals are accessible with the commands \Bigint, \biggint, 
\Biggint, \bigggint. Smaller integrals, sums and products are also available 
with the commands \smallprod, \smallcoprod, \smallsum and \smallint.

This style file does two additional things. First, it scales the font to 1.2 of 
it's design size to match the xheight of GFS Didot if a serif font is needed to 
be used with it, and fixes accordingly the interline skip. Second it modifies 
interword spacing to 75% for a tighter look, and adds interletter spacing (tracking) 
to the \scshape command. Old style numerals are also accessible with \scshape.

A math sample is bundled with the font courtesy of Alain Aubord who has converted 
to LaTeX the work of Steve Seiden named "Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet". 
(The name was switched to "Mathematics Cheat Sheet" by Antonis Tsolomitis). 
(Note that Steve Seiden in his license allows redistribution not for profit if 
his copyright is not altered (it appears on page 4 of the the cheat sheet)).

A Greek Math sample is available at 

We want to thank Alain Aubord for providing the cheat sheet and for running 
several tests with the font that provided important feedback.

George Matthiopoulos – Antonis Tsolomitis

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (499.2k).

GFSNeo­hel­lenicMath – A Greek math font in the Neo-Hel­lenic style

The GFSNeo­hel­lenic font, a his­toric font first de­signed by Vic­tor Scholderer, and dig­i­tized by Ge­orge Matthiopou­los of the Greek Font So­ci­ety (GFS), now has na­tive sup­port for Math­e­mat­ics.

The project was com­mis­sioned to GFS by the Depart­ment of Math­e­mat­ics of the Univer­sity of the Aegean, Samos, Greece. The Math Ta­ble was con­structed by the Math­e­mat­ics Pro­fes­sor A. Tsolomi­tis. A use­ful ap­pli­ca­tion is in beamer doc­u­ments since this is a Sans Math font.

The GFSNeo­hel­lenic font­fam­ily sup­ports many lan­guages (in­clud­ing Greek), and it is dis­tributed (both text and math) un­der the OFL li­cense.

Li­censesThe SIL Open Font Li­cense
Main­tainerAn­to­nis Tsolomi­tis
Con­tained inTeX Live as gf­s­neo­hel­lenic­math
MiKTeX as gf­s­neo­hel­lenic­math
TopicsGreek Font
Maths Font
Font Type1
OTF Font
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