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Mxedruli & Xucuri - The Georgian Alphabets               18th January 2009

Designed  by Johannes Heinecke

This software is under the LaTeX Project Public License 1.3

Please send any improvements, corrections, suggestions, enhancements etc
to the Author!
I would also very grateful, if you could send me text examples
you created with these fonts, in order to replace the simple
examples in the documentation by them.

Version 3.4

The following files are included to use Mxedruli and Xucuri within
LaTeX: (Some files have not been changed with this version, therefore
they still use a version number prior to 3.3)

mf/mxed10.mf          - Driver for the 10pt normal 
mf/mxedbf10.mf        - Driver for the 10pt bold
mf/mxedc10.mf         - Driver for the 10pt capital
mf/mxedi10.mf         - Driver for the 10pt italics
mf/mxed.mf            - Main Driver, calls character definition files
mf/mxedbase.mf        - Base file
mf/mxedfont.mf        - Definition of Mxedruli characters
mf/mxedcaps.mf        - Definition of Mxedruli ``capital'' characters
mf/mxedp.mf           - Punctuation (very simple)
mf/mxedd.mf           - Digits (very simple too, if cmbase is used the 
                        cm-digits will be used instead of these.
mf/mxedacc.mf         - Accents for other Kartvelian languages (Svan).
mf/xuc10              - Driver for the 10pt Xucuri
mf/xuc.mf             - Main Driver, calls character definition files
mf/xucbase.mf         - Base file
mf/xucfont.mf         - Definition of Xucuri characters
mf/xucp.mf            - Punctuation (very simple)

alphabets.tex         - An example of Xucuri and Mxedruli
mxeddoc.pdf 	      - Documentation (Far more exhaustive!)
mxeddoc.tex 	      - LaTeX-source for mxeddoc.pdf
ossetic.tex           - An example of Ossetic language written in Mxedruli
vepxis.tex            - A short sample file
inputs/mxedruli.sty   - LaTeX Style file, to hook Mxedruli to LaTeX 
                        size change commands
inputs/xucuri.sty     - LaTeX Style file for Xucuri
inputs/umxed.fd       - Font definition file for NFSS2
inputs/uxuc.fd        - Font definition file for NFSS2

How to create the .gf/.pk files?
- Run METAFONT (and GFtoPK) on mxed10.mf and mxedbf10.mf

What's more to say?
- The punctuation is very simple, and only
  includes . , : ; - -- --- ! ? ( ) \ / [ ] = +


6th April 2013: Version 3.4
    there is now a debian package which installs type1 fonts, tfm, afm files as well
    as style files on Ubuntu 10.04, Ubuntu 12.04 platforms and probably (untested) other 
    debian and derived platforms 

18th January 2009: Version 3.3c
    10 years, and the only thing changed is the doc (reference to Unicode codes and some minor details)

1st Septmeber 1999: Version 3.3
    Changed Fontcoding U to u

15th April 1997: Version 3.0
    Added Xucuri characters (upper and lower case)

15th July 1996: Version 2.4
    Added italics, minor corrections

20th May 1996: Version 2.3
    Added new letter: Glottal Stop (reverse `q')

5th March 1996: Version 2.2
    Added two more letters: `qhar' and `ee'

26th June 1995: Version 2.1
    Minor corrections (not distributed via CTAN)

16th June 1995: Version 2.0
    `Capital' fonts included
    Introduced some letters for Old Georgian and Ossetian resp.
    !! The letter .+c is now at position oct(014), not at
       postion oct(171) where it used to be. This was necessary
       as a letter being transcribed by "y" (oct(171)) was introduced.

8th August 1994: Version 1.0
    Some Corrections on too mishaped letters.
    Introduced some letters for Old Georgian.

September 1993:
    First Release.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (493.5k).

mxedruli – A pair of fonts for different Georgian alphabets

Two Georgian fonts, in both and Type 1 formats, which cover the Mxedruli and the Xucuri alphabets.

Home pagehttp://heinecke.pagesperso-orange.fr/mxedruli/
LicensesThe Project Public License
MaintainerJohannes Heinecke
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MiKTeX as mxedruli
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