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Hi there - Stayka is here!                                1993/05/03

My apologies for sending this stuff again, but I was told by a friend
who successfully built the Klingon alphabet for LaTeX yesterday (as far
as I know he will post it to the net as soon as it's completely ready -
there are some minor adjustments to make...) how I could solve the
problem with the missing blank space in the font.  Furthermore I
corrected the spacing between the letters, they should look better now. 
Unfortunately at the moment I have no tool to make a shar archive of the
files, but I hope you will forgive me... 

BTW, I compiled the runes with the following command. As example I use
the 10pt version of the Futhark font for hp-Laser-/Deskjet (300dpi).
I run Metafont under SCO-Unix, but I'd say it shouldn't be too different
to use the DOS/Mac/Amiga/Atari/??? versions of Metafont. 

mf "\mode:= CanonCX;" "\mag:= 1;" \input futhol10

This will build the gf-file.  To get the pk-file you have to invoke the
program gftopk, and afterwards copy tfm and pk files into the
directories where they belong.

And now again here's the Metafont source for the Older Futhark alphabet
with corrected spacing between the letters.  They are as good as Shavana
and I managed to design them.  I include the parameter files and the
files to compile 10pt, 20pt, 30pt, 40pt and 50pt runes, which should
cover almost every case. 

This font should be used with LaTeX and the old font selection scheme,
as I haven't created a font family and so on for it yet.  Who wants to
use AmS-LaTeX or the new font selection scheme has to put a little more
work in it. 

I didn't encounter any problems compiling this font with Metafont (with 
plain bases, not the computer modern ones), and I hope you don't either.  

Walk in the Light!
                    Stayka deyAvemta

Email: hz225wu@unidui.uni-duisburg.de  |  We live in a universe of magic!


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (6.6k).

futhark – Fonts for the Older Futhark script

Futhark is an ancient runic script, possibly developed from the Greek or Etruscan alphabets. There is an alternate Futhark system (not represented in this font) which may be related to ogham.

The font is presented as source.

Version 1993-05-02
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MaintainerStayka deyAvemta
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MF Font
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