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Erewhon-Math.otf’ is an Utopia based OpenType mathematical font.The mathematical symbols are borrowed or derived from Michel Bovani’s Fourier-GUTenberg package, Latin letters and digits are borrowed from Michael Shape’s Erewhon font.


  • Erewhon-Math.otf OpenType Math font
  • Erewhon-Math-Bold.otf Bold variant
  • fourier-otf.sty style file: replaces fourier.sty for Lua/
  • Erewhon-Math.pdf Documentation in PDF format
  • Erewhon-Math.ltx Source of Erewhon-Math.pdf
  • unimath-erewhon.pdf Modified version of unimath-symbols.pdf showing available Erewhon-Math symbols compared to LatinModern, STIXTwo, Erewhon, GyrePagella, Libertinus and EBGaramond.
  • unimath-erewhon.ltx Source of unimath-symbols.pdf
  • README.md (this file)


This package is meant to be installed automatically by Live, Mik, etc. Otherwise, Erewhon-Math can be installed under TEXMFHOME or TEXMFLOCAL, f.i. Erewhon-Math.otf in directory texmf-local/fonts/opentype/public/erewhon-math/ and fourier-otf.sty in directory texmf-local/tex/latex/erewhon-math/. Documentation files and their sources can go to directory texmf-local/doc/fonts/public/erewhon-math/

Don't forget to rebuild the file database (mktexlsr or so) if you install under TEXMFLOCAL.

Finally, make the system font database aware of the Erewhon Math font (fontconfig under Linux).


  • The font Erewhon-Math.otf’ is licensed under the SIL Open Font License,

Version 1.1. This license is available with a FAQ at: http://scripts.sil.org/OFL

  • The other files are distributed under the terms of the Project
Public License from CTAN archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt. Either version 1.3 or, at your option, any later version.


  • First public version: 0.40
  • v0.41:
    • Added chars U+2AB1 to U+2AB4 (precneq, succneq, preceqq, succeqq).
      • Fixed kerning between Italic/BoldItalic Latin and Greek letters and their subscript.
  • v0.42:
    • Added thirty symbols U+00B0 (degree), U+01B5, U+214B, U+2232, U+2233, arrows U+2933 to U+2937 and some more.
      • Improved kerning between roots and degrees.
      • Improved kerning between arrows accents and parenthesis.
      • Accents position above italic dans bold italic latin
      and greek letters tuned.
  • v0.43
    • Corrected "IsExtended" flags.
      • Improved kernings for differential elements.
      • Changed hbar, which now behaves as intended by unicode-math package.
      • Glyph Game (U+2141) corrected (it was upside down).
  • v0.44
    • Improved sub- and superscripts: glyphs redesigned bolder, size reduced (70%, 55%) instead of (76%, 60%).
      • Fixed right kernings of "italic f".
      • Fixed right bearings and italic corrections of mathscr capitals.
  • v0.45
    • Added stretchy accents wideoverbar, widebreve, widecheck.
  • v0.46
    • Stretchable langle, rangle, lAngle and rangle delimiters are now available in eight sizes (three bigger sizes added).
      • Sub- and superscripts reshaped: boldness slightly reduced.
  • v0.47
    • Added mdsmwhtsquare (U+25FD), mdsmblksquare (U+25FE), lgwhtsquare (U+02B1B), lgblksquare U+02B1C).
      • Tuned all "squares", "circles" and "triangles": the smaller ones
      are centered on the math-axis, larger ones rest on the baseline.
      • Redesigned symbols angle, measuredangle, sphericalangle
      (U+2220 to U+2222).
      • Redesigned lowercase script letters mscre, mscrg, mscro
      (U+212F, U+210A, U+2134).
      • Added symbols inttop, intbottom, sumtop, sumbottom
      (U+2320, U+2321, U+23B2, U+23B3).
      • Added symbols hrectangleblack (U+025AC), hrectangle (U+025AD),
      mdlgwhtlozenge (U+25CA) mdlgblklozenge (U+29EB).
      • Added symbols enclosedcircle, enclosedsquare, encloseddiamond,
      enclosedtriangle (U+20DD, U+20DE, U+20DF, U+20E4).
      • Added symbols lozengeminus, concavediamond, concavediamondticketleft,
      concavediamondticketright (U+27E0 to U+27E3).
      • Added symbols mdblkdiamond, mdwhtdiamond, mdblklozenge,
      mdwhtlozenge, smblkdiamond, smblklozenge, smwhtlozenge (U+2B25 to U+2B2B).
      • Added two options (no-text, Scale=) to fourier-otf.sty.
  • v0.50
    • Changes in Erewhon-Math:
      • Added upright versions of integrals (StylisticSet=3 feature).
        • All bold Math Script uppercase characters redesigned (their look was not consistent with their normal weight counterparts).
        • Added variants for mscrE, mscrQ and mscrT and their bold counterparts accessible through cv20, cv21 and cv22 respectively.
        • Added U+0338 for negation of "mathrel" chars.
      • Changes in FourierOrns:
        • texpertenthousand now defined in Erewhon (v.1.118).
        • eurologo now borrowed from Erewhon (v.1.118).
        • Files FourierOrns-Bold.otf, FourierOrns-Italic.otf and FourierOrns-BoldItalic.otf (useless now) deleted.
        • Breaking change: ornaments leafleft and leafright swapped in order to match the orignal type1 version.
  • v0.51
    • Feature +onum added (oldstyle numerals in maths). Option fulloldstyle added to fourier-otf.sty, this option was available with the original fourier-GUTenberg package.
      • Sub- and superscript placement corrected for bold calligraphic capitals.
      • Metrics changed for sans-serif and typewriter glyphs.
  • v0.52
    • Over/underbrace: metrics of horizontal variants tuned.
      • Added glyphs nleqqslant and ngeqqslant (U+E09A, U+E09B).
      • Fixed "Style=" options in fourier-otf.sty (they didn't work for XeLaTeX).
  • v0.53
    • fourier-otf.sty now loads realscripts for better superscripts.
      • Vertical variants of mathslash, backslash: slope corrected.
      • Added proportional digits and lnum, pnum features in math mode.
      • Added character variant (cv11) for partial.
  • v0.54
    • Delimiters’ sizes (), and {} now match those of the Erewhon text fonts. Bacward compatibility option (+ss09) added.
      • Slight correction to degree position on radicals.
      • Experimental Bold variant added.
      • Glyph Bbbsum.v1 (displaystyle) added.
      • Metrics of some italic capitals (H,M,N,U) corrected.
  • v0.55
    • Fixed vertical variants of Vert and Vvert.
      • Added stretchable integral for U+222B (usable with luametatex).
  • v0.56
    • Package now compatible with mathtools’ stretchable arrows.
      • diagup and diagdown moved from private area to U+27CB, U+27CD.
  • v0.60
    • Metrics of all "under" arrows and harpoons corrected.
      • Most horizontal arrows and harpoons are now stretchable.
  • v0.61
    • fourier-otf.sty: options handled by l3keys instead of xkeyval (requires a kernel not older than 2022-06-01).
      • fourier-otf.sty: option "fulloldstyle" now applies to both text
    and maths fonts.
    • Fixed widths of under/overbraces variants.
    • Blackboard bold capitals added to Erewhon-Math-Bold.otf.
  • v0.62
    • Erewhon-Math-Bold: seven glyphs added (U+2107, U+2126, U+2127, U+212B, U+2132, U+2141).
  • v0.63
    • Bug corrections: large parentheses and integrals.
  • v0.64
    • Fixed IsExtendedShape flags.
      • mid (U+2223) and parallel (U+2225) vertical variants changed.
      • Metrics and italic correction changed for italic uppercase letters (Latin and Greek).
      • OT features cvNN are now applied before ssty (applied last).
      • Inconsistencies between Bold Caligraphic glyphs and their Regular counter-parts fixed.
      • Superscripts redesigned.
      • Metrics of widebreve, widecheck, widehat, widetilde first horizontal variant (.h0) changed: f.i. $hat{r} ne widehat{r}$.
      • Erewhon-Math-Bold: horizontal variants of the main accents added, plus another hundred glyphs.
  • v0.65
    • Inconsistencies between vertical delimiter sizes fixed.
  • v0.66
    • Fixed Game glyph (U+2141).
      • Erewhon-Math-Bold: missing italic correction added for int.up, int.v1, int.v1.up.

— Copyright 2019-2024 Michel Bovani, Daniel Flipo E-mail: michel (dot) bovani (at) icloud (dot) com daniel (dot) flipo (at) free (dot) fr

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (2.3M).

erewhon-math – Utopia based OpenType Math font

OpenType version of the fourier Type1 fonts designed by Michel Bovani.

Version0.66 2024-03-01
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
The SIL Open Font License
Copyright2019–2024 Michel Bovani, Daniel Flipo
MaintainerDaniel Flipo
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