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This file is public domain.
Originally written 1995, Don Hosek.
This declaration added by Clea F. Rees 2008/11/14 with the permission of Dan Hosek.

The CMPICA family was created by Don Hosek in 1988 to fill a need for
a usable face for submitting fiction manuscripts to mainline
publishers. Changes to parameters were made to create a face with
roughly the same proportions as the Xerox Pica typeface available for
use on Xerox laser printers and some changes to encoding were added as
well so that TeX input conventions could be used to produce output
that matched standard typescript conventions. In short, `` and ''
become a straight double quote, ` and ' become a straight single
quote, --- becomes -- and -- becomes -. In addition, two auxiliary
fonts are provided: cmpicati underlines characters and cmpicab
underlines characters with a squiggly underline. Either of these fonts
may be used as a model of how to apply the same effect to other
MF-generated types.

A modified version of the original companion LaTeX [2.09] style can be
found floating around on the net if one looks hard. A companion math
face was proposed but never completed. It was envisioned to be a mix
of typewriter-style characters and hand-drawn letters to give the full
antediluvian effect.

Don Hosek
Quixote Digital Typography
fax: 909-625-1342

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (10.8k).

cmpica – A Com­puter Modern Pica vari­ant

An ap­prox­i­mate equiv­a­lent of the Xerox Pica type­face; the font is op­ti­mised for sub­mit­ting fic­tion manuscripts to main­line pub­lish­ers.

The font is a fixed-width one, rather less heavy than Com­puter Modern type­writer. Em­pha­sis for bold-face comes from a wavy un­der­line of each let­ter. The two fonts are sup­plied as source.

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Main­tainer Don Hosek
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