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Directory fonts/cmoefont

This directory contains programs for Old English letters.

The fonts created have:
D  capital eth
d  eth
T  capital thorn
t  thorn
G  capital yogh
g  yogh
n  Polish ogonek accent

The thorn is the style that looks like p and b combined. The roman derived 
fonts (i.e. not cmoeti10) also have
u  lower-case thorn with side bowl pointing top right (the traditional shape;
   I happen to think that the other shape blends better with CM); this code
   is Knuth's, from the cmman font.

To make the fonts, just run Metafont on cmoer10 etc; other sizes and styles 
can be make by adapting the CM parameter and driver files in the obvious way.

Julian Bradfield

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (18.5k).

cmoefont – Old English glyphs to go with Computer Modern

The fonts contain eth, thorn and yogh characters, plus an ogonek diacritic. The lower-case thorn is also duplicated, in the upright fonts of the set, in a more ‘traditional’ shape.

Version 1991-06-20
MaintainerJulian Bradfield
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