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Directory fonts/cm/pk

I have included in this directory what I believe to be the right sort
of thing to match what was there already.  This is not to say that I'm
terribly proud of it, but it seems about right.

The pk300 fonts were generated using CanonCX mode from Karl Berry's

The pk300w fonts were generated using RicohFortyEighty mode from Karl
Berry's modes.mf

The pk240 fonts were generated using CanonLBPTen mode from Karl
Berry's modes.mf (this differs from the "CanonLBP" used in the
previous version in name only).

The pk120 fonts were generated with the same parameters as were used
in the previous version, though nothing with those parameters exists
in Karl Berry's modes.mf; by analogy with the previous version, I've
called this mode OneTwoZero.  I was not terribly surprised that
several files gave me metafont errors with this mode; the most
(apparently) serious were cmss12 and cmssi12, though several of the
smaller-sized fonts had strange paths of one sort or another.

I've included a slightly hacked copy of a Makefile which used to be in
the directory ../gf300; I had to hack it because the original neither
reflected the current `best' thinking about the way TeX systems should
be organised, nor the way they're organised on our discs (which is
different for hysterical raisins).

cm-pk – PK bitmaps of the Computer Modern fonts

These are generated bitmap versions of the Computer Modern fonts, at resolutions and using settings defined long ago. (The resolutions available are 120 and 240dpi, and 300dpi for both write-black and write-white printer engines.)

Since most modern distributions will generate any PK font needed, on the fly at output time, the present distribution is of little more than academic interest.

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MaintainerDonald E. Knuth
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