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    The uncial and alluncl packages provide Meatfont fonts based on 
the Uncial manuscript book-hand used between the 3rd and 6th century AD. 
The font consists of minuscules and digits, with some appropriate 
period punctuation marks. Both normal and bold versions are provided. 
This is one in a series of manuscript fonts.

    Access to the docmfp package is desireable but not essential.

    The distribution consists of the following files:
README (this file)

    The distribution is provided under the terms of the LaTeX
Project Public License (LPPL).

To install the package:

o run: latex uncial.ins, which will generate:
       uncl*.mf files
       *.fd files
o Move the generated files to locations where LaTeX will find them.
    For example: the uncl*.mf files to .../texmf/fonts/source/public/uncial
                 the *.fd and *.sty files to /texmf/tex/latex/local/uncial

    On a teTeX distribution you might also have to add lines like the 
    following to texmf/fontname/special.map:
      uncl7.mf        public    uncial
      uncl10.mf       public    uncial
      uncl17.mf       public    uncial
      unclb7.mf       public    uncial
      unclb10.mf      public    uncial
      unclb17.mf      public    uncial
    On a teTeX distribution remember to run texhash after moving the files.

    (I use a teTeX distribution and found that if I didn't add to the special.map
     file, then the generated tfm and pk files were put in directories corresponding
     to the URW New Century Schoolbook font.) 

    Other LaTeX distributions might require procedures similar to those for teTeX.

To typeset the documentation:

o run: latex uncial.dtx
o if you want an index then run: makeindex -s gind.ist uncial
o run: latex uncial.dtx
o Print uncial.dvi for a hardcopy of the package manual 

    Note that the docmfp package is normally required for LaTeXing uncial.dtx.
The package is available from CTAN in tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/supported.
If you haven't got this and don't want to get it, then there are instructions
in the first part of the .dtx file about how to edit it to avoid the use of docmfp.
(docmfp is an extension of the doc package for describing METAFONT, or other
non-LaTeX, code.)

To check out your installation:

o run: latex tryfont  for a testpage of the Uncial fonts
o run: latex allfont  for a document typeset with the Uncial fonts

Peter Wilson

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (259.2k).

un­cial – Un­cial manuscript book-hand font

The un­cial and al­luncl pack­ages pro­vide fonts based on the Un­cial manuscript book-hand used be­tween the 3rd and 6th cen­tury AD. The font con­sists of mi­nus­cules and dig­its, with some ap­pro­pri­ate pe­riod punc­tu­a­tion marks. Both nor­mal and bold ver­sions are pro­vided.

This is one of a set of manuscript fonts. Ac­cess to the docmfp pack­age is de­sir­able but not es­sen­tial.

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Main­tainerPeter R. Wil­son
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