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Font: Antykwa Torunska
Designer of the oryginal typeface: Zygfryd Gardzielewski, Toru\'n, Poland.
Author of the font and all extensions: Janusz Marian Nowacki, Grudzi\k{a}dz,
Version: 2.08
Date: August 2006
 % Copyright 1998-2006 Janusz M. Nowacki.
 % This work is released under the GUST Font Nosource License
 % This work has the LPPL maintenance status "author-maintained".
 % This work consists of the files listed in the MANIFEST.txt file.

Antykwa Torunska (meaning just "Antiqua of Torun") is a two-element
typeface designed by Zygfryd Gardzielewski, a typographer from Toru\'n,

Version 1.0, which deserves to be described as "computerised" in
that it was precise and reused character building elements across
the font, was released in 1998 and similarly as the original typeface
comprised of three faces: upright, bold and italic.

Version 2.01 introduced a greatly extended character set (e.g., cyrillic, greek,
most often used mathematical symbols and currency symbols, additional
ligatures), as well as additional typefaces (light, regular, medium and
bold in normal and condensed widths). Support files for LaTeX and various
encoding files were also added.

Version 2.02 corrected Polish diacritical characters in the caps
and small caps faces. Moreover, Vietnamese characters were added
along with .enc and .map files, as well as LaTeX support for the T5 encoding.

Version 2.03 corrected many glyphs, added OpenType, normalized the .map and
.enc file names and also added experimental support for mathematical

Version (2.04) normalized again the .map file names and added LaTeX support
for math typesetting.

In the version 2.06 some new glyphs were added:
Breveinverted, Hbar.small, Ubreveinvertedlow, Ubreveinvertedlow.small,
breveinverted, breveinvertedlow, dotlessi.small, dotlessj.small,
ubreveinvertedlow. The encoding files were also corrected.

The current version (2.08) corrected the italic correction in math fonts.

See the doc/fonts/antt subdirectory for documentation (in English
and Polish) as well as a few examples.
The layout of this distribution conforms to the TeX Directory Structure (TDS)
version 1.1.

From http://www.janusz.nowacki.strefa.pl/torunska.html
available are separate Type1 sets of 256 characters in various encodings for
Windows and Linux and also complete TrueType and OpenType font sets with over
1000 glyphs each.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (9.7M).

antt – Antykwa Toruńska: a Type 1 family of a Polish traditional type

Antykwa Toruńska is a serif font designed by the late Polish typographer Zygfryd Gardzielewski, reconstructed and digitized as Type 1.

LicensesThe GUST Font Source License (GFSL)
Copyright1998–2006 Janusz M. Nowacki
MaintainerJanusz Marian Nowacki (deceased)
Contained inTeX Live as antt
MiKTeX as antyktor
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