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This software is an attempt to provide a program that manages BibTex-Databases.
Although there are a number of such attempts, I decided that I have to try to 
implement features that are not present in other programs. Since the most 
complicated part seemed to be the database-handling, I was happy to find the 
BibTool package by Gerd Neugebauer that did this for me. I merely added a 
graphical user interface.

To install qbibman, you need Gerd Neugebauer BibTool package too from


- Browse lists for names and journals
- Search using regular expressions
- Automatic recoding of ISO-Characters to latex style*
- Reading of Auxfiles*
- Support for @string
	to enter a reference to a @string use "@": e.g. you defined a string
	@STRING{ssj="Some stupid journal"} 
	in your database, then you can refer to it by using "@ssj". 
- Automatic key generation*
- Selection of multiple items with <Control> Left Mouse Button
	Clicking without <Control> switches back to single item mode
- Printing (parts of) the database with customizable latex file
	In single item mode the whole database is printed otherwise only the
	selected items
	If there is a latex file ".qbibman" in your home directory, it will be 
	used 	for generating screen and printer output. Just put "%CITATION"
	(no spaces) on a line by its own into the file. It will be replaced by 
	"\nocite{...}" of [selected | all] items and the command
	"\bibliography{...}". If this file is missing, a simple default is used.
- Keys of selected items can be put into X clipboard or into Lyx file (via Lyx
  Server) using context menu (right mouse button click on the list).

*These features are present in BibTool.

The programm seems to be stable and does what I want. So I figured 
that there might be other people who would like to use it.

Ralf Goertz <R.Goertz@psych.uni-frankfurt.de>


qbibman – Graphical frontend to BibTool

LicensesGNU General Public License
MaintainerRalf Goertz
Topics utilities
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