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econ.bst is a style file for economics. It provids the following features:

  • The author-year type citation (you need natbib.sty as well).
  • Reference style used in economics papers (econ.bst is not a style for a specific journal).
  • Highly customizable. You can easily customize reference style as you wish.
  • You can use "certified random order" proposed by Ray ⓡ Robson (2018), AER.

Explanation of files

File Explanation
econ.bst This is the main bst file.
econ-example.tex This file explains how to use econ.bst.
econ-example.pdf A PDF file created fom econ-example.tex.
econ-example.bib This is a bibliography database file.
customization This folder contains customized bst files.
CHANGES.md Changelog file.
README.md This file.
bst file Explanation
econ-a.bst A simple style.
econ-b.bst A style with much decoration.
econ-no-sort.bst This style lists entries in citation order.
econ-abbr.bst This style uses abbreviated journal name.
econ-aea.bst The style for AEA journals such as AER, JEL, AEJ and JEP.
econ-econometrica.bst The style for Econometrica.
econ-jpe.bst The style for JPE (Journal of Poilitical Economy).
econ-jet.bst The style for JET (Journal of Economic Theoriy).
econ-jie.bst The style for JIE (Journal of International Economics).
econ-old.bst The style of the old econ.bst.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.5M).

econ-bst – style for economics papers

This is a style file for papers in economics. It provides the following features:

  • author-year type citation
  • reference style used in economics papers
  • highly customizable
  • use of “certified random order” as proposed by Ray ⓡ Robson (2018)

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MaintainerShiro Takeda
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