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dvibook – Utilities for manipulating DVI files

The col­lec­tion com­prises:

  • dvi­book, which will re­ar­range the pages of a DVI file into ‘sig­na­tures’ as used when print­ing a book;
  • dvi­con­cat, for con­cate­nat­ing pages of DVI file(s);
  • dvis­e­lect, which will se­lect pages from one DVI file to cre­ate a new DVI file;
  • dvi­todvi, which will re­ar­range the pages of a DVI file to cre­ate a new file; and
  • lib­tex, a li­brary for ma­nip­u­lat­ing the files, from the old Se project.

The util­i­ties are pro­vided as C source with Imake­files, and an MS-DOS ver­sion of dvi­book is also pro­vided.

Sources /dviware/dvibook
Ver­sion 1994-03-14
Li­cense Free li­cense not oth­er­wise listed, or more than one free li­cense ap­plies
Copy­right 1987,1989 Univer­sity of Mary­land Depart­ment of Com­puter Science
Main­tainer An­gus Dug­gan
Con­tained in TeX Live as see­texk
Topics DVI pro­ces­sor

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