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listof­items – Grab items in lists us­ing user-spec­i­fied sep char

This sim­ple pack­age is de­signed to read a list of items whose pars­ing char­ac­ter may be se­lected by the user.

Once the list is read, its items are stored in a struc­ture that be­haves as a di­men­sioned ar­ray. As such, it be­comes very easy to ac­cess an item in the list by its num­ber.

For ex­am­ple, if the list is stored in the macro \foo, the item #3 is des­ig­nated by \foo[3].

A com­po­nent may, in turn, be a list with a pars­ing de­lim­iter dif­fer­ent from the par­ent list, paving the way for nest­ing and em­ploy­ing a syn­tax rem­i­nis­cent of an ar­ray of sev­eral di­men­sions of the type \foo[3,2] to ac­cess the item #2 of the list con­tained within the item #3 of the top-tier list.

Copy­right2017–2019 Chris­tian Tel­lechea
Main­tainerSteven B. Se­gletes
Chris­tian Tel­lechea

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