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Date: December 4, 2023 4:22:13 PM CET
Andreas Scherer submitted an update to the cweb package. Version: 4.11 License: knuth Summary description: A Web system in C Announcement text:
This new release of CWEB 4.11 comes with these Features: * Factor out cwebacromac.tex with hypertext macros; also used downstream for CTWILL * Support LuaTeX as backend engine Fixes: * Consistent formatting of terminal output in cases of error * Add long-missing grouping for progress report (harmless glitch in CWEB 2) * Suppress reference to l. 0 in error messages (harmless glitch ab origine) Finesses: * Revert fputs back to printf (with "%s") * Reuse code for @(secondary output@> (CTANGLE) * Copy whole structures via pointers * Disentangle local variables in reduce and translate (CWEAVE/CTWILL) * Avoid shadow variables (cf. h in WEAVE) * Updates in cwebman.tex * Use zero-initialisation
This package is located at https://mirrors.ctan.org/web/c_cpp/cweb More information is at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/cweb
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cweb – A Web system in C

The CWEB system is a system for literate programming, also known as structured software documentation, with code written in the C and C++ languages.

People have been accumulating several decades of experience with CWEB, and CTANGLE and CWEAVE are known to work reasonably well on numerous platforms. In general those programs are now entirely stable: DEK won't be changing them any more, because they've proved their value in extensive use. (Henceforth he must devote full time to “The Art of Computer Programming”!)

However, further significant developments, including versions that DEK himself does not maintain, are ongoing. All of the really current news about CWEB is, in fact, now to be found in the CWEB development project, thanks to the tireless activities of Andreas Scherer.

The first new release under his auspices incorporates the majority of material from his CWEBbin project, namely all the patches accumulated over many years, and all the changes for ANSI-C. What's left in CWEBbin are a few extensions used in Live:

  • includes CTWILL and its utilities
  • internationalization with the “GNU gettext utilities”
  • output is only written when different from the former run
  • new options -l, -i, and -o for CWEAVE and CTWILL
  • file lookup with the kpathsea library ( Live only)

and it provides tools to bundle packages for various target systems.

Copyright Silvio Levy and Donald E. Knuth
MaintainerAndreas Scherer
Donald E. Knuth (inactive)
Silvio Levy (inactive)



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