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CTAN Up­date: more­hype

Date: De­cem­ber 4, 2012 8:08:47 AM CET
Uwe Lück sub­mit­ted an up­date to the more­hype pack­age. Sum­mary de­scrip­tion: Hyper­text tools for use with LaTeX - gen­er­ate HTML Li­cense type: free An­nounce­ment text:
MAJOR CHANGES: - Wiki-like syn­tax an­nounced be­fore moves from per­sonal/ ex­per­i­men­tal `texblog.fdf' to `blog­ligs.sty' and `mark­blog.sty', prop­erly doc­u­mented in `blog.pdf'. More­over, the HTML file `mark­blog.htm' pro­vides an overview of the wiki fea­tures (and the source code in `mark­blog.tex' may demon­strate the syn­tax too). - `mark­blog.sty' and `texlinks.sty' to­gether em­u­late Wikipedia's "piped links" ([[Pipeline|Pipe]], [[Pipe (com­put­ing)|]]) - HALFWAY-MAJOR CHANGES: - `blog.sty' v0.8: - in­di­cat­ing DOCTYPE - com­mands for var­i­ous "head" ("meta") el­e­ment en­tries - \abbr, \newabbr, \stylespan (for CSS), \textup, \un­der­bar, \xm­lelt­code, \xm­leltat­tr­code; \newlet - ar­rows and quotes com­pleted, cur­ren­cies, small frac­tions - other ad­di­tional sym­bols - mod­i­fied code spaces with de­clared at­tributes - us­ing `lang­code.sty' - sym­bols re­struc­tured - doc­u­men­ta­tion fixes - `blo­gexec.sty' v0.2: - \MakeBlogBeginRun re­vised - new \ChangeBlogBeginRun and \Copy­BlogBeginRun - ac­tu­ally, I had failed to up­load v0.1! - `texlinks.sty' v0.7: - links to http://tug.org/in­ter­est.html - smart pars­ing for link­ing to mail­ing list post­ings, based on `lang­code.sty' - \ctanpkgstyref adds `.sty' - doc­u­men­ta­tion fixes MINOR CHANGES: - `README' cor­rected - `atari_ht.fdf' uses \MakeAc­tiveLet from `cat­codes' bun­dle - `blog­dot.sty' v0.41 mod­i­fies/cor­rects \startscreen­page and doc­u­men­ta­tion (Fire­fox 12 change?) - `sr­c­files.tex' ap­plies `filesdo.sty' for `file­date' checks - `texblog.fdf' con­tains re­ally "pri­vate" and "ex­per­i­men­tal" code any­way and thus changes within ev­ery few days ...
This pack­age is lo­cated at http://mir­ror.ctan.org/macros/la­tex/con­trib/more­hype . More in­for­ma­tion is at http://www.ctan.org/pkg/more­hype (if the pack­age is new it may take a day for that in­for­ma­tion to ap­pear). We are sup­ported by the TeX Users Group http://www.tug.org . Please join a users group; see http://www.tug.org/user­groups.html .
Thanks for the up­load. For the CTAN Team Rainer Schöpf

more­hype – Hyper­text tools for use with

The bun­dle pro­vides three pack­ages:

  • texlinks: short­hand macros for -re­lated ex­ter­nal hy­per­links with hy­per­ref, the blog pack­age in the present bun­dle, etc;
  • hy­per­toc: ad­just the pre­sen­ta­tion of coloured frames in hy­per­ref ta­bles of con­tents (ar­ti­cle class only);
  • blog: fast gen­er­a­tion of sim­ple HTML by ex­pand­ing macros, us­ing the fifinddo pack­age.

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