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Date: January 29, 2023 9:19:37 PM CET
Matthieu Guerquin-Kern submitted an update to the moodle package. Version number: 1.0 License type: lppl1.3 Summary description: Generating Moodle quizzes via LaTeX Announcement text:
Version 1.0 (2023-01-28) of the moodle package. Added • For templating purposes, in draft mode, general TeX code can now be used in items and tolerance key of numerical questions (courtesy of Colin Caprani). • Support for the quote and quotation environments in the HTML conversion process (courtesy of Gerald Teschl). • Experimental package option pluginfile mimics the way Moodle embeds pictures in the xml. • Answer box for Essay questions with handout. • Key-value package option LMS to target a specific version of Moodle. • Support for more text mode diacritic and horizontal spacing commands. • Macros \moodleversion and \moodledate are defined. • Experimental package option samepage to avoid splitting questions across multiple pages. • sanction key to set default mark for incorrect answers. • Started the internationalization of the package based on translator (optionally translations). English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish are fully supported (with help from Jürgen Vollmer for German and Romano Giannetti for Italian and Spanish). Contributions are welcome. • Warn user of the babel package set for Turkish that using the shorthands will not play well with moodle. • Support for \i in conversion to html. • svg option support for Windows (courtesy of Wolf Müller). Changed • In Cloze multi subquestions, the default mode is inline when only one answer is to be selected and vertical when several answers can be selected. • Single straight quotes (apostrophe) in math mode are passed as-is to the xml (with help from Keno Wehr). • Empty groups {} in math-mode are passed as-is to the xml (with help from Keno Wehr). • Inside cloze subquestions, points are forced to the nearest positive integer. • xml stamp exposes compilation time. • Labels of proposed answers now following Moodle’s convention (1., 2., …) in the pdf typesetting of multi questions. • Automatic sanction mechanism for incorrect choices in multi questions with multiple answers allowed. Now applies also inside cloze questions. • In cloze subquestions, non-integer fractions are rounded. • Rewording of some indications in the pdf, related to internationalization. • The answers of matching questions are now converted to html (accents and \htmlonly in mind). Removed • Support for non-ascii characters abandoned when compiling with pdflatex. Fixed • In math-mode, \underline is no longer translated to html. • Preexisting pictures no longer get deleted when including graphics without specifying the extension (courtesy of Colin Caprani). • In answers of matching questions, some TEX macros will not break compila- tion. A problem with curly braces persists. • The cloze subquestions now inherit points set at the higher levels. • Option single=false now works in Cloze multi questions. • Undesired trailing spaces are removed from offered answers in matching question. • Compatibility with siunitx version 3. • Compatibility with minted starting from 2021/12/24 v2.6. • Different issues with graphics handling on Windows (magick, del, move,…). • Symbols < and > are translated to html equivalents, also in text-mode. • Warning german-writing and (Xe|Lua)TEX users about troubles caused by text-mode umlauts. • In cloze subquestions items and outside math environments, the equal symbol (=) no longer interferes with the Cloze syntax. • A pagebreak occuring inside cloze shortanswers would reset page numbers. • The redefinition of the description environment is limited to the scope of the quiz. • PDF typesetting of matching answers (line breaks, repeated matches). • Symbols \% found inside math mode are escaped for html. • The fraction keys specified inside cloze questions are forced to integer values as required by Moodle’s xml format. • True/False no longer broken when hyperref is loaded. • Tolerances in numerical answers now correctly displayed in pdf. • Warning for users running a too old version of graphics. • In the code included with verbatim, fancyvrb, or fvextra, characters that matter for html are escaped.
This package is located at https://mirrors.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/moodle More information is at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/moodle CTAN is run entirely by volunteers and supported by TeX user groups Please join a user group or donate to one, see https://ctan.org/lugs
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moodle – Generating Moodle quizzes via

A package for writing Moodle quizzes in . In addition to typesetting the quizzes for proofreading, the package compiles an XML file to be uploaded to a Moodle server.

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