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Date: December 1, 2018 9:43:07 PM CET
David Carlisle and Ulrike Fischer submitted an update to the oberdiek bundle. Version number: 2018-11-30 License type: lppl1.3 Summary description: A bundle of package's submitted by Heiko Oberdiek Announcement text:
Update to Oberdiek bundle Fixing several issues reported at https://github.com/ho-tex/oberdiek/issues #26, #43, #47 Also the code has been simplified removing code paths for obsolete versions of luatex and removing dependcies on the luatex85 compatibility package. the build system has been improved, with all the existing test files converted to l3build and reference results checked. Highlights from the git change log: 6ec48fc Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/issue43' 946ab30 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/issue26' c873276 added test for issue #26 6a2a972 handled issue #26 03e2ec6 (origin/issue43) removed pre 0.65 stuff from luacolor 9350262 testfile for issue #43 c2e2077 add more whatsits types for issue #43 daa7b9f (origin/issue26) added test for issue #26 f241e37 handled issue #26 8b0989c use \ifcsname 43ec5ef added compability code for pgf f1095e6 update tlg for local files 1a02a89 dont generate the pre-luatex 0.65 versions of luacolor or the oberdiek.luacolor copy 6448773 licence files 886f365 l3build test file collection from Ulrike Fischer 1aca19e remove luatex85 f2bca14 restore change log e5f59a2 define \pdf... primitives directly rather than use luatex85 package d96aa24 document luatex package as obsolete d9531ea Add .gitignore b4bb68f start of converting tests to l3build bbcb3d8 additional definitions and checks for luatex, closing #47
This package is located at http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/oberdiek More information is at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/oberdiek
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Manfred Lotz We are supported by the TeX user groups. Please join a users group; see http://www.tug.org/usergroups.html .

oberdiek – A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek

The bundle comprises packages to provide:

  • aliascnt: ‘alias counters’;
  • alphalph: multiple-alphabetic counting (a…z,aa…zz,… — up to the full extent of a counter);
  • askinclude: replaces \includeonly by an interactive user interface;
  • auxhook: stick stuff at the start of the .aux file;
  • bigintcalc: expandable arithmetic operations with big integers that can exceed 's number limits;
  • bitset: defines and implements the data type bit set, a vector of bits;
  • bmpsize: get bitmap size and resolution data;
  • catchfile: collects the contents of a file and puts it in a macro;
  • centernot: a horizontally-centred \not symbol;
  • chemarr: extensible chemists’ reaction arrows;
  • classlist: record information about document class(es) used;
  • colonequals: poor man’s mathematical relation symbols;
  • dvipscol: dvips colour stack management;
  • engord: define counter-printing operations producing English ordinals;
  • eolgrab: collect arguments delimited by end of line;
  • etexcmds: adds a prefix to ’s commands, to avoid conflicts with existing macros;
  • flags: setting and clearing flags in bit fields and converting the bit field into a decimal number;
  • gettitlestring: clean up the string containing the title of a section, etc.;
  • holtxdoc: extra documentation macros;
  • hopatch: safely apply package patches;
  • hycolor: implements the color option stuff that is used by packages hyperref and bookmark;
  • hypbmsec: bookmarks in sectioning commands;
  • hypcap: anjusting anchors of captions;
  • hypdestopt: optimising hyperref’s pdf driver destinations;
  • hypdoc: hyper-references in the standard doc package;
  • hypgotoe: experimental package for links to embedded files;
  • hyphsubst: substitute hyphenation patterns;
  • ifdraft: switch for option draft;
  • iflang: provides expandable checks for the current language;
  • intcalc: provides expandable arithmetic operations with integers;
  • kvdefinekeys: define key-value keys in the same manner as keyval;
  • kvsetkeys: a variant of the \setkeys command;
  • listingsutf8: (partially) extends the listings package to UTF-8 encoding;
  • ltxcmds: exports some utility macros from the kernel into a separate namespace and also provides them for other formats such as plain-;
  • pagegrid: prints a page grid in the background;
  • pagesel: select pages of a document for output;
  • pdfcolfoot: using pdf’s color stack for footnotes;
  • pdfcol: macros for setting and maintaining new color stacks;
  • pdfcolparallel: fixes colour problems in package parallel;
  • pdfcolparcolumns: fixes colour problems in package parcolumns;
  • pdfcrypt: setting PDF encryption;
  • pdfescape: pdf’s escape features using or e-;
  • pdfrender: control PDF rendering modes;
  • picture: dimens for picture macros;
  • protecteddef: define a command that protected against expansion;
  • refcount: using the numeric values of references;
  • resizegather: automatically resize overly large equations;
  • rotchiffre: performs simple rotation cyphers;
  • scrindex: redefines environment ‘theindex’ of package ‘index’, if a class from KOMA-Script is loaded;
  • selinput: select the input encoding by specifying pairs of input characters and their glyph names;
  • setouterhbox: set \hbox in outer horizontal mode;
  • settobox: getting box sizes;
  • soulutf8: extends package
  • soul and adds some support for UTF-8;
  • stackrel: extensions of the \stackrel command;
  • stampinclude: selects the files for \include by inspecting the timestamp of the .aux file(s);
  • tabularht: tabulars with height specification;
  • tabularkv: key value interface for tabular parameters;
  • telprint: print German telephone numbers;
  • thepdfnumber: canonical numbers for use in PDF files and elsewhere;
  • twoopt: commands with two optional arguments;
  • uniquecounter: provides unlimited unique counter;

Each of the packages is represented by two files, a .dtx (documented source) and a PDF file; the .ins file necessary for installation is extracted by running the .dtx file with Plain .

Version 2019-12-05
MaintainerHeiko Oberdiek



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