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Date: November 25, 2019 6:47:44 PM CET
The Oberdiek Package Support Group submitted an update to the oberdiek bundle. Version: 2019-11-24 License: lppl1.3c Summary description: A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek Announcement text:
Update to Oberdiek package 2019-11-24 Package updates --------------- attachfile2 v2.10 2019/11/24 This package has been moved to a separate repository, and updated: The perl header comment in the (obsolete) pdfatfi script was corrupted at the previous release Some perl warnings about deprecated syntax were addressed. NOTE to installers: The executable wrapper for pdfatfi.pl will need adjusting to new location scripts/attachfile2/pdfatfi.pl https://github.com/ho-tex/attachfile2 pdftexcmds v0.31 2019/11/24 This package has been moved to a separate repository, and updated: Call iftex package directly rather than the ifpdf and ifluatex wrapper packages. Remove unused calls to luatex-loader. Update to support \filemoddate \elapsedtime and other commands in xetex as \pdf at filemoddate, \pdf at elapsedtime Adjust \pdf at escapestring in luatex to produce the same as in pdftex in the 8bit range and not drop all non ascii characters. Lua support is now just in pdftexcmds.lua, not duplicated as oberdiek.pdftexcmds.lua https://github.com/ho-tex/pdftexcmds pdfcolmk v2.0 This package has been obsolete and has done nothing since pdftex 1.40 was released in 2007. It has now been moved to a separate distribution and is an empty stub just in case there are still documents that reference it. https://github.com/ho-tex/pdfcolmk epstopdf (and epstopdf-base) v2.7 This package has been moved to a separate repository. https://github.com/ho-tex/pdfcolmk/epstopdf
The package’s Catalogue entry can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/oberdiek The package’s files themselves can be inspected at http://mirror.ctan.org/macros/latex/contrib/oberdiek/
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Petra Rübe-Pugliese
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oberdiek – A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek

The bundle comprises packages to provide:

  • aliascnt: ‘alias counters’;
  • bmpsize: get bitmap size and resolution data;
  • centernot: a horizontally-centred \not symbol;
  • chemarr: extensible chemists’ reaction arrows;
  • classlist: record information about document class(es) used;
  • colonequals: poor man’s mathematical relation symbols;
  • dvipscol: dvips colour stack management;
  • engord: define counter-printing operations producing English ordinals;
  • eolgrab: collect arguments delimited by end of line;
  • flags: setting and clearing flags in bit fields and converting the bit field into a decimal number;
  • holtxdoc: extra documentation macros;
  • hypbmsec: bookmarks in sectioning commands;
  • hypcap: anjusting anchors of captions;
  • hypgotoe: experimental package for links to embedded files;
  • hyphsubst: substitute hyphenation patterns;
  • ifdraft: switch for option draft;
  • iflang: provides expandable checks for the current language;
  • pdfcolparallel: fixes colour problems in package parallel;
  • pdfcolparcolumns: fixes colour problems in package parcolumns;
  • pdfcrypt: setting PDF encryption;
  • protecteddef: define a command that protected against expansion;
  • resizegather: automatically resize overly large equations;
  • rotchiffre: performs simple rotation cyphers;
  • scrindex: redefines environment ‘theindex’ of package ‘index’, if a class from KOMA-Script is loaded;
  • setouterhbox: set \hbox in outer horizontal mode;
  • settobox: getting box sizes;
  • stackrel: extensions of the \stackrel command;
  • stampinclude: selects the files for \include by inspecting the timestamp of the .aux file(s);
  • tabularht: tabulars with height specification;
  • tabularkv: key value interface for tabular parameters;
  • telprint: print German telephone numbers;
  • thepdfnumber: canonical numbers for use in PDF files and elsewhere;
  • twoopt: commands with two optional arguments;

Each of the packages is represented by two files, a .dtx (documented source) and a PDF file; the .ins file necessary for installation is extracted by running the .dtx file with Plain .

Version 2023-12-04
Copyright2007, 2009–2011 Heiko Oberdiek
2016–2023 Oberdiek Package Support Group
MaintainerHeiko Oberdiek



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