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Date: April 11, 2007 11:37:35 AM CEST
On Tue, 10 Apr 2007, Heiko Oberdiek submitted an update to the oberdiek bundle. Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/oberdiek License: LPPL Announcement:
> New packages: > > * accsupp v0.1 > Since PDF 1.5 portions of a page can be marked for better accessibility > support. For example, replacement texts or expansions of abbreviations can > be provided. Package `accsupp' starts with providing a minimal low-level > interface for programmers. Status is experimental. > > * atenddvi v1.0 > LaTeX offers \AtBeginDvi. This package `atenddvi' > provides the counterpart \AtEndDvi. The execution of its > argument is delayed to the end of the document at the end of the > last page. Thus \special and \write remain effective, because > they are put into the last page. This is the main difference > to \AtEndDocument. > > * hycolor v1.0 > Package `hycolor' implements the color option stuff > that is used by packages `hyperref' and `bookmark'. > It is not intended as package for the user. > > * iflang v1.0 > This package provides expandible checks for the current language > based on macro \languagename or hyphenation patterns. > > > Updates: > > * auxhook v1.1 > * Fix for class \xclass{beamer}. > > * bookmark v0.8 > * Option `atend' added. > * Option `rgbcolor' removed. > `rgbcolor=<r> <g> <b>' can be replaced by > `color=[rgb]{<r>,<g>,<b>}'. > * Support of recent cvs version (2007-03-29) of dvipdfmx > that extends the `special' for bookmarks to specify > open outline entries. Option `dvipdfmx-outline-open' > or \SpecialDvipdfmxOutlineOpen notify the package. > (Experimental) > > * flags v0.3 > * \queryflag and \extractflag added. > * Raise an error if position is not positive in case of > \setflag and \clearflag. > > * hypcap v1.7 > * Stuff in \caption moved to `hyperref'. > This avoids redefinitions of \caption and \@caption > (idea of Axel Sommerfeldt). > * Fix for subfigure (Marco Kuhlmann, Amilcar do Carmo Lucas). > > * pdfescape v1.2 > * Fix: Wrong year in \cs{ProvidesPackage}. > > * tabularht v2.4 > * Fix: Counter `tabh at unique' must not be changed by \include. > > * zref v1.6 > * Fix in modul abspage and base: Now counter `abspage' > and `zref at unique' are not remembered by \include. > * Beamer support for module titleref. _______________________________________________ Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Rainer Schöpf

oberdiek – A bundle of packages submitted by Heiko Oberdiek

The bundle comprises packages to provide:

  • aliascnt: ‘alias counters’;
  • bmpsize: get bitmap size and resolution data;
  • centernot: a horizontally-centred \not symbol;
  • chemarr: extensible chemists’ reaction arrows;
  • classlist: record information about document class(es) used;
  • colonequals: poor man’s mathematical relation symbols;
  • dvipscol: dvips colour stack management;
  • engord: define counter-printing operations producing English ordinals;
  • eolgrab: collect arguments delimited by end of line;
  • flags: setting and clearing flags in bit fields and converting the bit field into a decimal number;
  • holtxdoc: extra documentation macros;
  • hypbmsec: bookmarks in sectioning commands;
  • hypcap: anjusting anchors of captions;
  • hypgotoe: experimental package for links to embedded files;
  • hyphsubst: substitute hyphenation patterns;
  • ifdraft: switch for option draft;
  • iflang: provides expandable checks for the current language;
  • pdfcolparallel: fixes colour problems in package parallel;
  • pdfcolparcolumns: fixes colour problems in package parcolumns;
  • pdfcrypt: setting PDF encryption;
  • protecteddef: define a command that protected against expansion;
  • resizegather: automatically resize overly large equations;
  • rotchiffre: performs simple rotation cyphers;
  • scrindex: redefines environment ‘theindex’ of package ‘index’, if a class from KOMA-Script is loaded;
  • setouterhbox: set \hbox in outer horizontal mode;
  • settobox: getting box sizes;
  • stackrel: extensions of the \stackrel command;
  • stampinclude: selects the files for \include by inspecting the timestamp of the .aux file(s);
  • tabularht: tabulars with height specification;
  • tabularkv: key value interface for tabular parameters;
  • telprint: print German telephone numbers;
  • thepdfnumber: canonical numbers for use in PDF files and elsewhere;
  • twoopt: commands with two optional arguments;

Each of the packages is represented by two files, a .dtx (documented source) and a PDF file; the .ins file necessary for installation is extracted by running the .dtx file with Plain .

Version 2023-12-04
Copyright2007, 2009–2011 Heiko Oberdiek
2016–2023 Oberdiek Package Support Group
MaintainerHeiko Oberdiek



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