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CTAN package upgrade: Frankenstein

Date: September 11, 2001 1:20:19 PM CEST
An upgrade of the Frankenstein package has been installed at tug.ctan.org and should make its way through the mirroring process in the next day or two. Jim Hefferon ftpmaint at tug.ctan.org ============================================================ The following information was provided by our fellow contributor: Name of contribution: Frankenstein Name: Matt Swift Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/supported/frankenstein Summary description: a collection of LaTeX packages and a Bibtex bibstyle License type: lppl Announcement text: - ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Cleanup release prior to some more significant work (I hope). Please see README for full package descriptions and ChangeLog for changes. Please note that a preformatted TeX Catalogue database describing these packages is at http://www.shore.net/~swift/latex/swift.db. A web page of description like the TeX Catalogue descriptions is at http://www.shore.net/~swift/latex/. The most important changes are noted here: all: LPPL instead of GPL * achicago.bst: Extensive revisions to documentation. Thanks to Panagiotis Louridas for pointing out a significant bug that would indicate authors with the same last name as the same with a 3-em dash in the bibliography. Major version to 1; reflects non-beta state. * achicago.sty: Depends on slemph and verbatim too now, but not relsize. * newclude.sty: Move from unsupported to supported. Extensive documentation revisions. Incorporation of includex package (working yet? includex still available). Revision and extension of hooks mechanisms. Remove "group" option. * tag.sto: Add 2d optional argument to \include. Revise documentation. * titles.dtx: Changed: \booktitle -> \book, \journaltitle -> \journal, \musictitle -> \music, \articletitle -> \article, \playtitle -> \play, \crafttitle -> \craft. Compatibility easily retained in configuration file. New: \species, \WrapquotesSN, \WrapquotesDN, \WrapquotesSK, \nospacelist (abstraction of what was hard-coded). * titles.cfg: New: \newlet\longpoem\textitswitch \newlet\film\textitswitch \newlet\essaytitle\Wrapquotes \newlet\chaptertitle\Wrapquotes. * moredefs.sty: Many documentation changes. Change implementation of \provideboolean and \newboolean to be compatible with ifthen package. Fix \prependto at macro \g at prependto@macro so they work. Fix check for defined macro in \SaveName. Fix \SaveName so it works. Fix \GobbleO \GobbleMO so they work. * abbrevs.sty: Added emulation of acromake.sty. * lips.sty: New: \BracketedLips, \olips, \Lips, mla package option. * compsci.sty: New: \file \email. Add hyperlatex package option. * bits.sty: Requires letterhead package -- which I don't think I distribute. Aha, that's why this is "unsupported"! It may be usable with a dummy letterhead package. * attrib.sty: Add \attribcitations. - ----------------------------------------------------------------------

frankenstein – A collection of packages

Frankenstein is a bundle of packages serving various purposes and a bibliography style. Descriptions are given under the individual packages: abbrevs, achicago package, achicago bibstyle, attrib, blkcntrl, compsci, dialogue, lips, moredefs, newclude, slemph, titles.

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