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CTAN pack­age up­date: foot­misc

Date: June 16, 2008 2:37:32 PM CEST
i have in­stalled a slightly re­vised ver­sion of my foot­misc pack­age on the archive. changes are: -- the long stand­ing com­plaint about \@makecol "not match­ing" has been re­solved -- users may change the value of \foot­note­lay­out us­ing \re­new­com­mand (pre­vi­ously they had to use \def) i have taken this op­por­tu­nity to make the pack­age's li­cence in­for­ma­tion "cor­rect" (as in its lay­out). hav­ing com­pleted this (es­sen­tially book­keep­ing) ver­sion, i hope to get around to a new ver­sion in­cor­po­rat­ing sug­ges­tions sub­mit­ted by other users. un­for­tu­nately my timetable this year has got some­what awry, for health rea­sons. the pack­age's cat­a­logue en­try may be re­viewed at http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/help/Cat­a­logue/en­tries/foot­misc.html or the pack­age di­rec­tory may be browsed at http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/la­tex/con­trib/foot­misc/ Robin Fair­bairns For the CTAN team

foot­misc – A range of foot­note op­tions

A col­lec­tion of ways to change the type­set­ting of foot­notes. The pack­age pro­vides means of chang­ing the lay­out of the foot­notes them­selves (in­clud­ing set­ting them in ‘para­graphs’ — the para op­tion), a way to num­ber foot­notes per page (the per­page op­tion), to make foot­notes dis­ap­pear in a ‘mov­ing’ ar­gu­ment (sta­ble op­tion) and to deal with mul­ti­ple ref­er­ences to foot­notes from the same place (mul­ti­ple op­tion). The pack­age also has a range of tech­niques for la­belling foot­notes with sym­bols rather than num­bers.

Some of the func­tions of the pack­age are over­lap with the func­tion­al­ity of other pack­ages. The para op­tion is also pro­vided by the many­foot and big­foot pack­ages, though those are both also port­man­teau pack­ages. (Don't be se­duced by fn­para, whose im­ple­men­ta­tion is im­proved by the present pack­age.) The per­page op­tion is also of­fered by foot­npag and by the rather more gen­eral-pur­pose per­page

Copy­right2009 Robin Fair­bairns
Main­tainerFrank Mit­tel­bach
Robin Fair­bairns (in­ac­tive)



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